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Learn about the yearly calendar, agricultural and festival days and get first looks at my poetry around the Primstav calendar.

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About Kari Tauring

Velkommen alle sammen! Family, friends, and fans, welcome to my world of Patreon!

In 1999 twenty years ago I launched my website, KariTauring.com with a live stream of the first winter solstice performance and I had visions of my website becoming much like what Patreon has accomplished. Some of you watching this were in on the ground floor of my first important launching, thank you! You know that I am prolific, content oriented artist and produce lots of work quite quickly. I like to deliver in video, audio, and written formats. This is what has made the internet such a wonderful place for me these last twenty years.

In the past decade I have produced a rune book and iPhone App and Four Nordic Root musical recordings, three from successful Kickstarter efforts which many of you were also involved in. So thank you again! These are available on KariTauring.com as well.

This Patreon page is intended to support two projects that I am keen to share with you. 

Primstav poems - I am working on poems that will correspond to the Primstav calendar for a full year. This is the old agricultural calendar used by my ancestors in Norway and other parts of Scandinavia. The "summer side" began April 14, 2019 while I was celebrating Easter in Finland. At the end of the year I will be compiling the poems and producing a book through Nordic Moon Press.
$5 - month Primstav Musings for the upcoming month and first look at Primstav Poems for the month

Volva Stav Project - The second project is a series of teaching videos and written materials to guide Americans of Northern European descent in the process of healing their roots through Volva Stav. Volva Stav is my original curriculum in Nordic root metaphysics, cosmology, mythology, runes, sound, rhythm, stav, movement, song, dance, and spiritual development. 
$10 - month Video Series teaching the tools, monthly rune pull and visualization

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