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You are now one of my patrons! Thank you for your support. No honestly anything helps and I am happy you have chosen to fund me, and believe in my art!

  • High resolution versions of work that can be seen on other sites, like my NSFW content.
  • See my work first! All my art is posted on Patreon before any other site!
  • Alternative versions of my art. Only seen here. 

Sliver Tier

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reward item
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Thanks again for your support, it honestly means a lot to me! I hope you enjoy the behind the scenes content in this tier.
  • You get access to some exclusive sketches, and sneak previews and WIP shots of my work!
  • Sometimes I will do my best to provide explanations and an inside look to how I work. I am open to any questions!


Everything from the previous tiers, and my thanks. 

Colour Page Tier!

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Thank you, & I hope my line arts help you with your own creativity!

• Access to 300dpi line arts, ideal for colouring!

• Permission to repost your edited/coloured version of the lines on your own social media, as long as my lines are credited.






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About Karla-Chan

                           Art Tumblr | Art Instagram   
               Like my art? Please buy me a coffee at Ko-Fi!  

My patrons will get exclusive art work, high resolutions files, WIPs & sketches! First view of my "Haunted Demon Murder Cthulhu House" comic. I am a traditional fantasy artist, supporting me can be a direct as helping me with art supplies! My art is created using marker pens, or black & white cross hatching Biro work.

I am an LGBT+ feminist, and Dungeons and Dragons nerd! Who loves to draw fantasy art, horror, steampunk art, nature and animals. With influences from anime, fairytales, and Art Nouveau. Sometimes my work can be erotic, or artistic nude in nature. I also love to experiment with new and interesting idea's to try and vary my art as much as possible.

I sincerely appreciate any support for my work, and thank you so much in advance for any support you choose to give me! It all means a lot; thank you for believing in me and my art! 
$26.33 of $30 per month
With the colours I can use in my art I am always restricted by what colours I actually own. Marker pens can be really expensive and I often use two or three different markers for one colour.
So more funding for new markers, would increase my colour pallet. Also I can replace any that run out and dry up! This would be a huge help! I have been using patron money to help me cover the cost of my art supplies. So your support really does help me make more art!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 431 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 431 exclusive posts

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