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This is the tier I expect most people to pledge at - a dollar a page won't hurt anyone. Although if that gets to be too much, you can cap your pledge at only so much per month, even if I post a lot more pages than that. At present, if you contribute over 3 dollars a month, total, I'll mail you (or e-mail you a PDF) a minicomic a month. So if you're just signing up, let me know if you want a physical comic, a PDF file, or if you don't want any reward at all.
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Like it says at the $1 reward level, I'm mailing a minicomic once a month to every patron who pledges over three dollars a month. If we say the book costs $1.50 to print, and about the same for shipping, $3 should cover it.
   Getting a physical comic in the mail will be a nice reminder and thank-you to partons for their generosity. I love getting stuff in the snailmail, myself. And just to be on the safe side, if you're contributing over $3 monthly, and you DON'T want a monthly Karno-comic, please let me know, so I won't be bombarding your mailbox with unwanted stuff, OK?
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OK, every time your pledges mount up to over $200 (And that's NOT per page, I mean $200 TOTAL (I dunno how to get Patreon to stop saying Per Page). Anyway, at $1 per page = $16 a month, you'd pledge $200 a year, roughly), you can ask me for a personal BW commission. You don't have to - and there are some things I won't draw, fair warning - but if you ask, and you've put over two Benjamins in my bank, I will do you a doodle!




per Comics pages.


As I was preparing my Mink story for becoming a webcomic, an obvious idea occurred to me: Why not kill two birds with one stone, and set it up as a Patreon page? What have I got to lose?
  So far, it's worked out great. What took me so long?
   My evil plan is to run Mink pages Monday, Wednesday and Friday - then assorted brand new stuff every Sunday. Not to mention whatever occurs to me on Saturday (those will be posted for free, natch) Us artist types are notoriously dissolute and undisciplined, so feel free to hold my feet to the fire. And since I respond best to flattery, don't be shy with the comments, kind patrons. Here we go!
$235.49 of $1,000 per Comics pages.
If this Patreon winds up delivering more than I'd hoped - thousands of dollars, instead of hundreds - I will spend that money on computer equipment and software to animate some of my best stories. Animated Karno cartoons! Yes!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 633 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 633 exclusive posts

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