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Thank you for your contribution, it will be enough to feed the mercenaries with bread <3
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Meat with flour!

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Thank you for your contribution, you have unlocked the opportunity to eat meat and bread with Captain Akiva, but we cannot guarantee how sanitary it might be;

• Illustration development of Balsamus that were developed during that month;
• This includes Sketches, Wip, art never published; Concept art, Preview of the comic.
*The illustrations may include new pages from the comic. As production is slow, it can sometimes take time for some new page to be launched.
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Caravan to the city of Nuri!

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You have gained a position in General Reithan's caravan to the city of Nuri. (However, we cannot guarantee your safety);
  • All of the previous rewards;
  • Access to Photoshop files reduced (PSD); (1250px) - not to be used for resale of any kind.
    - The Art Pack will be delivered on the 1st to 7st day of the next month in order to contain all art made during the previous month. E.g.: March Art Pack will be delivered on the 1st to 7st day of April, and April Art Pack will be delivered on the 1st to 7st day of May.
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About KarolyneRocha

Hello everyone, my name is Karolyne da Rocha. WELCOME!
I am an illustrator and the creator of the Balsamus universe.

Official site: https://www.balsamuscomic.com/

Get the PDF on sale at on our partner's site https://brainypixel.com/shop/

So, what is the Balsamus project?

Written and illustrated by Karolyne Rocha, the seminal chapter of Balsamus, The Lost Lamb (12 pages), begins the twisting and turning tale of a warrior-general, Reithan, who, despite his past, ultimately finds redemption amid the eternal and unchanging characteristics of God. It is a thrilling and culturally rich Middle-Eastern fictional story, set against the historical tapestry of the interbiblical period, or the 400 years of prophetic silence between the Old and New Testaments.


New Subscribers are charged again one month after the day they pledge, instead of being charged again on the 1st of every new month. That means, for example, that, if you pledge on the 25th of a month, you will be charged for the next payment on the 25th of the next month, and NOT on the 1st of the next month.



Visual Aesthetic:
Presently, I explore the aesthetic of the comic books of the 70s and 80s, especially the Conan comics, which were the triggered to the definite rebirth of Balsamus in 2018.
The aesthetic mentioned is the finishing which involves the aged texture of the printed paper, donning the appearance of yellowish paper and some blemishes in black ink.


(Left) Howard Chaykin and Ernie Chan, Conan the Barbarian #82 Splash Page 22- (Right) Sample of the pages of Balsamus


The colored illustrations will also simulate the limited coloring of the CMYK press of that time, where you can clearly see the mistakes and color limitations. This aesthetic brings a mixture of timeless nostalgia and an aesthetic that fits harmonically with retro comic books.

Conan- The Destroyer- Official Movie Adaptation- Balsamus Scene Concept Art

Well, as I presently work with commissions, I cannot dedicate myself integrally to the project. Thus, not only every support counts, but it is also an additional step so that I can sit on my chair and dedicate myself more to my middle eastern boys! Creating an universe is not an easy task- it takes time ( studying, training my drawing skills, writing, scenery studies, thumbnails, buying sketch materials, inking, coloring, developing the concept arts, and arts for marketing…. oh my, so much!).
I am also developing this project not only due to personal satisfaction,but also so that I can bring in it teachings and convictions that I have . . . after all, no project is born at random, right?
Do you want to be a part of this universe? Join the Kayhan soldiers to unveil the thick!

Final considerations:
• It will have no adult art content (NSFW);
• Rewards can vary according to the production of the month:
- Between illustrations and comics;

Links and Information
Information Page (Commission Prices & Terms of Service)

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts

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