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Join the ranks of my army in showing your support and desire to see more of my artwork in the coming days!  You get access to text blogs and previews of some BTS and such! Images before they launch anywhere else <3 

Plus im told hoomans get something called "warm fuzzies", whatever THAT is lol


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About Kassandra Leigh

<h5 style="text-align: center;">______________________________________________________________


</h5><h5 style="text-align: center;">

Each month a slew of images will explode across my Patron only feed. Everything from blogs, teaser images, wip shots,drawings and more. At the end of the month, you will receive a private message with a URL n PW to download the month's featured collection.
  If you miss the set's launch that month the set will be removed by the next month and down the line made for purchase on gumroad.com/kassandraleigh</h5><h5 style="text-align: center;">

Hey my critters! My name is Kassandra Leigh - 
{ArchMage of the Kinky, Nerdy & otherwise glamorous AltFashion imagery}
For over a decade I have been producing photos of intricate alternative fashion, gothic fantasy and cosplay erotica.Everything from historical gowns along a frozen waterfall to POV kink.
Even the carnal can be artistic here.

I eat, shit and breath what I do! 100% self taught... I love to be apart of all aspects of the business - modeling, photography, photo manipulation, wardrobe styling, designing and even hand done drawings.

In my off time I fuck off to videogames(Streaming our D&D full costume games on Twitch.tv/DevilsLuckGaming ),

anime and take care of my area's feral, stray and abandoned cat population. I have been known to chase injured raccoons across the yard in efforts to save them 2. Damn cute trash pandas.Even if they are jackasses</h5><h5 style="text-align: center;">

Im a one woman army who....needs to expand!
Quick! We need to acquire new supply lines!lol


Or so Id like everyone to think. But sadly, for some reason we all have this idea stuck in our heads that an artist must resign themselves to squalor- eating ramen noodles and living in a shack.
40+ hours a week doing work should be able to pay the rent for anyone. Even if they do live in the most expensive state in their country *Slits wristsss* I dont want to just skate by. I want to create more elaborate scenes and as I groww be able to rescue other artists from the hell of a shitty retail job that doesnt see their potential.

Showing support in not just appreciative words, but actual dollars
</h5><h5 style="text-align: center;">( even the smallest amount!) is MAKING A STATEMENT!
Its changing the world with a ripple that starts here. 
A sexy Ripple. Yes. Ripples can be SEXY. Shut up.
</h5><h5 style="text-align: center;">"Isnt this just smut?"
First of all: I do not shame sexuality. NOT UNDER MY ROOF PEOPLE!
Second of all: Not all of my work is adult in nature.

But of the stuff that is?
I like to consider my erotica that unique in between arena of art
(think great artists like Louis Royo or pinup queen Olivia De Berardinis)
and the carnal.

I shoot a lot of cosplay but also trying to push more of my own
design and style work that really focuses on fantasy and scifi motifs.
Elf girls everywhere!lol POV Elf oral. Elf eared portraits. Tangled in spider webs.Etc

In fact since running Patreon iv been able to start my " #FaeBabes " Fairy erotica project!

Sexuality is not a dirty word but cheap and crass is not my style.
I value the sensual art of the tease. We go to great efforts to craft impeccable wardrobe, engrossing locations, lighting and more...If you are looking for cheap fapp material of a girl on a blank wall with a cellphone this is no the place for you. </h5><h5 style="text-align: center;">
Supporting my me here means not just supporting my work as a model..but also as a photographer and illustrator! Everyone's crazy encouraging words has helped me gain the courage to open up drawing commissions for the first time in YEARS! 
Patreons of course- get a discount on all of my drawings! Check out THIS BLOG HERE for info.

This is not a paysite. It is not a store.
(Tho I do have a PrintShop now! KassandraLeigh.com/PrintShop )
Content will come as fast as it can be made.
The more patrons, the faster & better quality the work can be made!

Every little dollar puts me closer to being able to create the quality I dream
...and more frequently!
Im looking for my patrons.
Those knights who will stand up and make sure
I dont fade away.
I want to CREATE!

Down the line i'd love to be able to rent better locations, pay guest models for shoots
( YEAH BUDDY...girl on girl couples nude sets, for sure!)
and even see if you guys would like to see me at a convention local to you!

Im open to ideas – and I want to hear from my most supportive fans – YOU GUYS! 
Seriously. Iv hand written so many letters asking for opinions and feedback. Motherfuckers, ANSWER EM! LOL

Oh BTW Im not just a Photographer & Model! I also do retouching for others, makeup, styling, social media managing, marketing...Oh! I also DRAW & DESIGN! *^* I forget to tell ppl about that stuff and then i start geeking off about algorithms as im posting a drawing and ppl be all "um, wait, u draw?" *Facedesk*

In the end, you will know that you are making a difference in an artist's life, so they can do the thing you appreciate so much without having to stop for anything or anyone....

Here is to the power of
Caffeine & Naked Ladies!


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Kassandra's been using her old lights for years now! A new lighting kit would open up the doors for all kinds of new shoots! The VERY first month we hit this point she will upgrade to a new kit.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,570 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,570 exclusive posts

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