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About Kat Robinson's Arkansas

I am on a magnificent journey, one that takes me all over a remarkable, overlooked state with so much to offer. Mind you, Arkansas happens to be the smallest state west of the Mississippi River. Its three million residents are friendly. Its culinary regions are varied. And every day I find out something new. 

I aim to share those experiences in a way an Arkansawyer best knows how - by telling the stories of this land. Considering my reputation as both a traveler and by my tacked-on nickname "the pie lady," those stories are going to come with a tasty side of food traditions and restaurant visits.

For 13 years, I've explored The Natural State and taken readers along for the ride with my online magazine, Tie Dye Travels, with 1200 articles and counting. I've shared much of what I know about our cuisine through seven books, through photography, and through television (in particular, the 2018 documentary Make Room for Pie). Now it's time to expand on that foundation with new projects, aimed at informing both those who live here and those who want to visit Arkansas at what they can expect, examine, enjoy and eat when they get here. The projects include:

Kat Robinson's Arkansas
This podcast will cover the state one city or topic at a time. The introductory episode, "Rogers, Monte Ne and William 'Coin' Harvey," shares restaurants, lodging, attractions and history around the northwest Arkansas town. Future episodes already in the works will cover the history and reinvigoration of Texarkana; the origins and controversy surrounding cheese dip; efforts to put Arkansas City back on the map; and more. Suggestions happily accepted.

Cool Places to Stay in Arkansas
This web series will showcase lodging options that are beyond the ordinary, within Arkansas's borders. Check out the demo, featuring a Garage Getaway, here.

Tie Dye Travels with Kat Robinson
The longrunning web-based magazine already includes 1200 articles on everything from the origin of chicken nuggets to the birth of the fried pickle, highway travel, holiday traditions, attractions to see, secret hideaways for sweethearts and of course a vast array of quick bites at restaurants around the state. In 2020, the website will receive its long-awaited update.

Arkansas Catfish
The next book will cover a particular Arkansas food tradition - the catfish feast. Learn how the tradition of Fish on Friday and the community catfish dinner evolved. Find out what's different about the table set for dining on catfish. Delve into a span of different recipes for catfish and all the fixings, and find out what restaurants and events serve the best in Arkansas. 

To accomplish these things and so much more, takes funding - money to put gas in the car, cover lodging, and put food on the restaurant table to shoot and share. It takes equipment, time, research, and a whole lot of patience. 

Please consider becoming a patron, and help fund these projects aimed at bringing people to our awesome and incredible locations here in Arkansas - and helping those enterprises thrive.
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