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About The Katalyst

The KATALYST is London’s first conscious media event that combines film and spirituality in an exciting monthly experience of the most daring, overlooked and flat-out amazing stories of the world. Created with the aim of addressing the long separation between spirit and matter, the Katalyst is a unique event that combines films, talks and meditations that dive deeper into the mystery of our own reality.

Much more than an event, The Katalyst is a platform created to share some of the most groundbreaking work of the scientific and spiritual field, as we are joined by special guests each month to reveal the truth behind the myths. Featuring some of the most original short films, documentaries and experimental media by creative, international talent, we seek to engage audience in a powerful discussion that pushes the boundaries of what we consider possible, real and fact.

Conscious media is the creative expression through any type of visual format that aims to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness, raising our consciousness and understanding of universal truths, through spiritual, mystical and esoteric themes.

The Katalyst was born out of the necessity to have a better understanding of our own reality. Today's modern age is plagued by misinformation that keeps many people stuck in a vicious cycle of fear and unhealthy habits. Never before has there been such a split between the truth that exists and the "truth" as we know it. Limiting beliefs based on the old materialist model are no longer backed up by science and more evidence continues to arise pointing to the idea that we are "spiritual beings in a physical body".

Yet, much of this information is so heavily filtered, that by the time it reaches us, it is flat-out wrong! The Katalyst aims to break this cycle of misinformation and to empower people with the right kind of knowledge that will allow us to tap into higher aspects of ourselves and to step into our roles as creators and change makers of the world.

  • Our mission is to bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical realms of reality and to provide an understanding into how our reality truly functions.
  • By combining science and spirituality, spirit with matter, our aim is to reconnect with our true nature of who we are and with the knowledge that has been forgotten.
  • The Katalyst challenges misinformation by cutting out the middle man and delivering pure, unfiltered truth straight from the source.
  • We provide a platform that celebrates the true change-makers of the world, who’s work is paving the way for a new understanding of the material realm. 
  • The Katalyst is a platform that brings people and ideas together. It engages the audience in discussions that push the boundaries of what we consider possible, real and fact. 

The Katalyst is a platform that is created by the people, for the people. This means that YOU, the audience, are active participants in the kind of content that we focus on at each of our events. By supporting this platform and becoming a Patreon, you will have the ability to vote for the topics that make the most difference to YOU and that you would like to become informed about. Through supporting this platform you become part of the conscious awakening of the collective and a catalyst for spreading this message further. 

At the present moment our goal is to make the Katalyst into a regular, monthly event where people can come together and learn about these fascinating topics.  Your support will enable us to hire a space for our monthly event and continue to make the Katalyst happen. Record the live events and allow it to reach a wider audience.

Our ultimate goal is to grow and expand and eventually afford to invite international guests and filmmakers that will take these events to the next level.  The Katalyst would also like to begin creating exclusive content that will be screened at the event and bring through exciting new content in the platform.  

Our vision is to serve as a platform that brings people and ideas together.  A new way of learning and integrating ancient wisdom with modern understanding that nurtures the mind. We seek to create a community that inspires, empowers and unites those who seek to be the change they wish to see.
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