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You make it happen...A katana / Nihonto enthusiasts community built home for ALL admirers of the culture and history of the katana sword. A community where All is welcome without judgment and ridicule. Form beginners to well seasoned practitioners.  A  place for everyone to gather to make new friends or with colleagues. Place to share your insight  or to learn and grow . A place for special elect few  who have the ability to see the katana different most others. Those to see more the steal more or a sword. Those who see the beauty, the craftmanship, the history, the legendary samurai and more. Those of us when young felt the draw to the beauty and the all in wonder the katana that's still till this day draws us closer to the katana. The curiosity and enlightenment through a collective mind where those of us can share experiences and learn more of the awesome wonder of the Katana!  A PLACE THAT YOU HELP MAKE.

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