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About The Katbox

Hello and welcome to the Patreon page for the website! We are a website and community dedicated to hosting and promoting furry webcomics. Founded in 2004 the Katbox has been a very artist-centric platform. Our hosted comics are all free to read and do not pay dues. They are connected to a wide ranging community of fans to engage with and promote their work with.

We also engage with the wider furry community both through other website and social media, but now have a regular presence at larger furry conventions such as Anthrocon and Midwest Furfest where fans can meet the artists behind the comics.  We're in an excellent position to expand and further serve the community.

Our site used to be mostly supported by running ads from Project Wonderful. However with the service shutting down we are left without an ad provider. Unless a new one becomes available and is able to fit our content into it we are now entirely reliant upon our wonderful patrons for support. Funds raised by our patreon go towards our pressing expenses, such as server costs, licensing fees, and conventions.  There is no end of things that we could do to improve the site, and your contributions will help make that happen!

Thank you for checking us out and we really hope you choose to support us! Feedback is always welcome.
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