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About The Katbox

The Katbox is now part of Kemono Cafe !

( Please consider shifting your support to )

Founded in 2004 as a webcomic host, the Katbox expanded over the years into a huge comic portal, hosting both a thriving community of readers and artists.

The growth had brought it's share of problems however. Management of the portal became more difficult and time consuming, and the development team had difficulties keeping up with the needs of so many sites. A virus in 2017 disabled the site, and even after recovery, keeping everything updated had become a task too great for a group of volunteers to handle.

So after 15 years in operation, in 2019 it was decided to wind down and close the portal. Katbox artists were urged to seek their own hosts, and were offered assistance where needed.

However, a handful of people that had been with the portal from the beginning got together and decided to give the portal idea another chance, with a fresh start. This new project was titled the Kemono Cafe, and would focus primarily on cross promotion and collaborative endeavors.

Launched in June 2019, the Kemono Cafe brings a new concept to the webcomic portal community. Built around an actual comic universe, it creates an environment that allows artists to introduce their works to new readers though collaboration on a common theme.

And, in 2020, the former Katbox became part of the Kemono Cafe, represented on the site as the Katbox Inn.

We also have updated our patreon, located at . If you are currently (or considering) supporting us on the Katbox, we urge you to shift your support over to the new site.

Thanks for everything, and we look forward to seeing you over at the Kemono Cafe!

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