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This Tier will dissapear soon! Be sure to pledge in another one! (If you want, of course :3). Meanwhile, you will get Tier 1 Rewards.



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Hey guys, nice to meet you and welcome! 
Please read the bio to know how to get your rewards and more info about my content



If you want to receive physical rewards, put your address including country! 
Some sets contains feet focused 👣
Rewards will be posted on MY PATREON POSTS here before day 15
Scroll for full info ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

Rewards are accumulative! 


Hi ~ I´m KateKey Cosplay and I'm in love with boudoir, makeup and cosplay!
:) I love doing cosplay, crazy stuff and lewd photosets, here you can find a really naughty girl 🙈❤️
🌸 I'm a proud member of The Otaku Box Puri Puri Squad 🌸
Check Otakubox content! 

My biggest dream is to make cosplays and ero sets every day and I hope this page and you can help me to reach this goal! I love reading your comments and opinions about my content and new stuff! ❤️

Being a Patron means that you can help me to achieve my goals and in the meanwhile you'll get some awesome goodies in return: sets, snapchat, teasers and more surprises!
All of your support is very important to me! ❤️ My Snapchat is about lewds and implied nudes 🎉

So first of all, thank you for checking out this page and I hope you'll enjoy my content!

Which past sets can I get and how? 

These are currently my past sets catalogues, after you pledge and according with your tier, please tell me your choices!




How do you do your sets? 

I started doing all the pics by my own (is was difficult), but thanks to all of you, I do all of them with a photographer now :D I edit all my pics, there is so much effort and time in it, but I really like to do it! I search the locations, craft my props and do all my stuff and most of my cosplays. One photoshoot usually takes between 2 and 3 hours (makeup, dressup, snaps, photos...) and much more doing the planification and the edition part. It is a hard work, but I want to make it my way of life, so thank you SO MUCH for your support. I consider that you are a ver important plan of all this cosplay and lewd sets, and this is something we create together :D

Do you have more social media?

Yes! I have OnlyFans, InstagramTwitterFacebookTwitch and my Cosplay Portfolio too! 

Do you sell sets?

Sure! If you do not want to be a Patron, you can find a lot of my old sets and something EXCLUSIVE on my online shop! Some sets are under 10$! 

Love you all! 


✽ All tiers have her own description
✽ All rewards sets will be avaible the day 15th of the month and I will post them here. You only have to search posts with the title "PATREON REWARDS" 
✽ Rewards for higher tiers will be sent via the EMAIL of your Patreon account.
✽ Patrons are charge when they pledge and the first day of the month

✽ I own the copyright of all my photos (feed included) and distributing any of my patrons-only content will result in a permanent ban with no refunds.
✽ Higher tiers have pics with INVISIBLE and PERSONAL watermark, leaks can be tracker with legal actions. 
✽ Please don't be rude or spammer <3
✽Snapchat tier! 
No screenshots allowed, if you do it you will be blocked! 
You can only screenshoot the personal fansings!! 


81 of 100 patrons
WOW!! 100 PATRONS!! That's amazing!! REALLY THANKS, your support is really cool and I appreciate it so mcuh T.T 

FOR ALL MY PATRONS: Bunny girl set! Easter is here and you know!! 

From Tier 10$:
  1. List of my future plans and proyects!

From Tier 40$:Snapchat Pack 

(If the COVID-19 quarentine pass, I will add prints too! I'm so sorry but now I can't send anything XD) 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,021 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,021 exclusive posts

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