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About Kate MacLeod

Let's keep the music on the move, not on the shelf!
These Patreon.com funds go straight into the projects!

Thanks for visiting this page! Due to the Coronavirus crisis, alternative means of funding projects seem even more vital than ever. But while I'm not performing publicly at this time, much is still being done. Check out my weekly online music event designed to lift our spirits...Sing Your Heart Out Online Sing-In streams weekly on Sunday nights, 7pm MDT, at my FB musician page and my Youtube channel. The development of this show will eventually include guest musicians. The first streaming event of each month is a fundraiser for a specific organization in need during the pandemic, for which I'll share 50% of my tips from that night's event.
I joined this Patreon site to create a purposeful way of involving more people within the circle of my career and to bring to life music projects that I have in motion. Numerous projects have come to fruition since I began my page here, such as my Deep in the Sound of Terra recording and its accompanying music book. Currently, all funds raised through this site are being used to complete my upcoming releases, and to acquire equipment needed to aid these projects. Scheduled for release on July 17, 2020...The Secret Forest Lament, a single song inspired by the book The Secret Forest, by Charles Bowden. Also to be released ASAP...a recording of original music inspired by living in Utah and the West. Following my Utah music recording, I'll be creating a full-length recording of songs by the very influential Jean Ritchie. 
You can hear a sample song for the Utah music at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHlSXPOnDUk

Here are some of the things being said about my previous recording
Deep in the Sound of Terra...
"One of the most ambitious and unusual fiddle albums of the year."

"Folkie, instrumental taken to the max, this is as hot as it gets."
Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Recently I have been awarded...
Best of the West 2019 - Chosen by the Far-West division of the International Folk Alliance
September 6, 2019 - Composition award by the Alfred Lambourne Friends of the Great Salt Lake organization.

My work includes a variety of wonderful opportunities to share music with people that include community concerts, music festivals, conferences, libraries, workshops, music lessons, school programs, fundraisers, and playing for nonprofit organizations such as Heart and Soul which brings music to people in hospitals, convalescent centers, senior centers, schools, and rehabilitation centers. The many places that I perform, both stateside and internationally, make it impossible to describe how many wonderful places I'm able to share music. 

I try to perform when requested, despite differing performance payment budgets, because I believe that music is good for people, and I attempt to play wherever people invite me. This site can make it possible for me to continue my practice of being generous with the music. That in addition to performing in public venues and events, I can to go places where I have humanitarian effects. I also take extra time in my teaching and mentoring of players, so that my work is beyond an appointment, or a scheduled lesson time.

I have completed since the start of this patreon page...
--A songbook with music notation and lyrics, 50 of my original songs.
--My full-length violin/fiddle recording, Deep in the Sound of Terra.
--The accompanying tunebook of music on Deep in the Sound of Terra
--Patreon.com funds helped with some expenses for the 2018 Artist in Residence at Pendle Hill Quaker Center in Wallingford, PA
--Thanks to the supporters through this page I've been able to purchase some equipment I've needed for my projects.

Upcoming projects in the making are...
--A full-length recording of music inspired by the Colorado Plateau and the region of Utah and the West. This project has already begun in the recording studio and is scheduled for 2020.
--A full-length recording of peace-motivating and inspirational music composed during my 2018 Artist-in-Residence time at Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat, in Pennsylvania. I spent twelve weeks at Pendle Hill, in research and composition time.
--Recording the songs of Jean Ritchie, one of America's treasured folk singers and songwriters.
Her songs became standards in bluegrass and folk genres. This project will feature her songs in a whole new way. Production will take place in Nashville, TN, and will include some of the musicians who performed with her in her lifetime.

I'm a composer, performer and recording artist.
A guitarist, vocalist and violinist/fiddler.
Music has grown to be my primary focus after years of gaining experience, raising a family, and working for others. Now, I make music full time.
I create music for you, and so I want it to connect with you.
Through this site I look forward to sharing new pieces of music, my experiences as a working artist, and updates on how projects are coming together. 

The music I create is eclectic in style and form, but fits well within the label of Americana. My songs have been recorded by other artists from California to the Czech Republic, in roots music genres such as Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Celtic and Instrumental.
In my compositions I always hope to gather "us" ...our stories, our experiences, our relationships with each other and the natural world.
In addition to songs with lyrics, I also compose music for the violin.

In addition to performing my own music, you can find me performing with others in concerts and on recordings, and sometimes lending my hand as a producer for other peoples' work. I also teach music lessons privately and within workshop formats.

Mollie O'Brien, one of the most respected vocalists in acoustic music, says...
"Both Lark in the Morning and Alaska made the cut for my debut, Tell It True. And ever since then I can count on only two hands the number of times I've not included them in my performances. They are wonderful songs, great stories, fun to sing, and have become audience favorites as well."

Why have I chosen a 'monthly' instead of the 'by creation' plan on this site?
Because as patrons on the monthly plan, you'll have access to information about what I'm creating, while keeping your support amount easy to remember and keep track of.
All of the projects I'm working on require time, technical equipment, musical instrument upkeep and purchases, promotional work, videos, manufacturing and the hiring of quality specialists.

A great way to learn about me is through my website at www.KateMacLeod.com.
My recordings and music books can be found at my website store, or at Ken Sanders Rare Books in Salt Lake City, UT.

Patreon funds collected through this site go straight through Paypal to the projects.

It takes a village to raise a musician.

Help keep the music on the move...

$468.20 of $700 per month
Beyond the necessary equipment for performing and recording, are the costs of being-the-scenes projects. Notating the original music, applying for grants and scholarships, and travel, all take significant time. Your support can make things work smoothly.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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