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Who is this mysterious, attractive stranger?

I'm Katherine Cross, a Ph.D student at the University of Washington's School of Information (I moved!), and freelance writer, columnist, and cultural critic. I've been published in peer-reviewed journals for my work on roleplaying gaming, cultural imagination, and the dynamics of online harassment. In addition, I've been published in a number of popular publications which I detail below. I'm also a public speaker who has lectured all over North America.

Dapper Cultural Criticism? Surely You Jest!

Well, yes and no. My writing style has always tended towards the (sometimes ostentatiously) well-dressed and formal, and I breathe in thousand word bursts it seems, so it feels rather appropriate! I have written about law, transgender politics, feminism, right-wing extremism, reproductive justice, pop culture, and, of course, video games for a number of websites and publications over the years.

You might know me from Feministing, where I wrote a weekly column, or from Bitch Magazine, where I've been a frequent contributor, or from Gamasutra where I keep a (more-or-less) weekly column on all things gamey. I've also written extensively about video games in both publications, as well as in the gaming press, for Polygon, Kotaku, Paste Magazine, and Offworld.

I have a somewhat academic style of writing which is useful for exploring topics with depth and nuance but is often ill suited to the demanding turnarounds of the 24 hour news/outrage cycle. I tend to sit with things for a while before writing about it, and while I've been blessed with indulgent editors in that regard, the demand for impulsiveness and timeliness does see me lose more than a few opportunities to get paid for my work.

That's where you come in!

Your support will fund my continued freelance work. It will also allow me to publish more on my own blog and fund cultural commentary there which can't live anywhere else. I write for Gamasutra now and while I have an incredible team of people there who supports my writing there, I can't publish everything I want to write there. A column about reproductive justice without a videogame angle, for instance, wouldn't exactly be suited to a game dev magazine. Point being, you help buy my creative freedom and my ability to do that much more per week, as well as help me make a regular and predictable sum from my work in a way that I can't depend on with freelancing.

Oh, and I might be able to write about sex in videogames more.

What does chipping in to my rent do to make all this possible?

Well, since starting here on Patreon, my writing career has taken me to new heights including Wired, Rolling Stone, Time, The Baffler, and The Verge. The more I write, the more my work gets noticed, the more opportunities I have to publish in previously unreachable publications. Thanks to all of you for that!

I'm totally in, what do I do?

Even a little bit per month helps. Here's how Patreon works: you set an amount that you'd like to tip me for every month I release writing. That's all! Pay whatever you like. And really, thank you, thank you so much in advance for supporting me.
$724 of $750 per month
At this funding level, I'll be able to justify spending the time writing and formatting essays for my own blog Nuclear Unicorn, which I've neglected due to chasing paid work elsewhere. The essay would be about whatever political/cultural/academic topic is tickling my fancy that month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts

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