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Hello there! And thank you so much for visiting my Patreon page! 

By becoming a creator on here I am taking another step on the journey towards my goal of becoming fully self employed as an artist and ditching my part time job at last (yesss!) Working on my own folktale illustration work as well as commissioned pieces for others. I have so many ideas! I am stuffed to the gunnels with strange beasts and tales of wonder after so many years of working on folktales books for others. I want to collaborate with storytellers I know both in Britain and abroad on exciting book and performance projects that bring no immediate financial return but will create amazing art and storytelling experiences for people, this is near impossible at the moment due to financial constraints. I am determined that will change and  you can become a part of this unfolding adventure by becoming my patron.

art as storytelling, art that makes you want to know the story, art that you can weave your own story around. a whole world of magic is out there ready to be made visible. gather around my campfire my friends and let me show you what I see.
I look forward so much to being able to share all of this with you, the folks who say 'on you go now, do all the things'  because taking risks on more speculative work is key for me now. I have always cherished the direct relationship I have with people who enjoy my work on social media and I post about my work in progress and my process there regularly. Patreon feels even more direct, you folks are my biggest fans, my community, my people. 

You will get access to all of my updates plus some patron only content and offers too. As well as recieving a little something in the post from time to time and discounts on my art prints, books and original art.

One of my first goals with your help is to work on my Moroccan/Scottish tales project, one of my 'mostly still in my head' projects which involves working with parallel stories from the Moroccan Sahara, a place I love hugely and Scotland, my Dad's country, and also dear to me. I will be sharing my progress with this (made possible by you, my fantastic patrons!) my experiences in Morocco, my love of the desert (Camels, weird plants, cuddly camel spiders, occasional beautiful glimpses of Gazelle and glorious star filled nights...and more camels, I really like camels...) the names of my reward tiers reflect my passion for this special place...

For a gallery of my work and my "cover stories and other illustrator tales" blog pop over to my website.

$167 of $250 per month
This amount would give me the chance to work more on my tales of two countries Morocco/Scotland project, In particular travelling for research and to meet storytellers in both countries to discuss collaboration
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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