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Hello Artist,
Thank you so much for your support. Without you I would not be able to paint, teach and share my passion for art, especially watercolor. 

Many of you have asked for more of my classes. Some of you have been frustrated that you can't get into my classes that sell out. Some of you want to know how you can still learn from me, if you have moved away. Others can’t attend at the time or place I’m teaching. To make myself more widely available, I’ve decided to share my artistic vision through lessons with you on Patreon. It is available wherever you have internet access and a subscription. It is also available 24/7.

I want to help you grow as a watercolor artist through weekly online exercises, demos, guidance and feedback so you can put in the “brush hours” that you need to be successful. My plan is to make the watercolor painting process simple and FUN while sharing my discoveries about being a working and thriving artist with you. You will also be able to virtually travel with me on some of my recent and upcoming domestic and international watercolor workshops.

You will also learn about being an artist, helpful tools and other discoveries I have made as a teaching artist.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. I want to help you become the artist you want to be and hope you will be a part of this unique watercolor community where we grow, explore, experiment and learn together. Through my exercises, handouts and videos, you will see yourself become the artist you dearly desire to be. In a safe and supportive community, we thrive and grow together. Videos coming in 1Q20.

As an artist and teacher, it brings me great joy to share my passion with each of you.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most from my Patreon page:
Review the lessons and advice, watch the videos, leave comments. Do the exercises I suggest. Let me know how it's going so I can better assist each of you. Older posts are organized by tags or months. Look around and you'll find what you're looking for. You can always go back to where you started by clicking on my photo.

The COMMUNITY page is where you can post your work to share with other patrons. You can ask for feedback if you want it or simply share in this community of online artists. Anyone is welcome to offer constructive feedback and I always try to give you one piece of advice per post.

Please be positive and encouraging to others as everyone is at a different point in their art journey. (Sandwich your constructive advice between two positive comments.) You will learn from other artists, so visit the community page even if you don’t wish to share. It’s inspiring to see what everyone is creating! It is best to post photos on a computer and not the Patreon app.

Bookmark the home page so that it is easier to get to when you want to search older posts. I am working hard to make this a valuable reference tool for you: lessons with photo images, videos, exercises and feedback through the community page.

Welcome and happy painting!

A little about Kathy: BFA in Art/Art Education from University of Georgia, Master Plein Air Artist at Olmsted Plein Air Invitational, Past President and Signature Member of the Georgia Watercolor Society. Teaching and practicing art for 20+ years both in the US and internationally.

Bronze Level $5 per month
As a supporter you will receive a variety of instructional and motivational resources.
- Weekly step by step demos with photos images and a reference photo
- Online reference handouts (photos or instructions) that you can print
- Exercises for painting practice
- Inspiration from art history, artists (past & present) and artist quotes
- 15% discount on paintings in my Etsy shop
Join at $5 Tier

Silver Level $10 per month
As a Silver supporter you will receive all of the rewards from the Bronze level. In addition:
- Access to my Reference Image Library that will save you time hunting for good images to practice with. Each month I will add 20 photos for your use. All images will be copyright free. Note: most art shows and galleries prohibit using photos that are not your own. Read their rules.
- Weekly videos that help you quickly understand some of the trickier aspects of watercolor painting.The Paint Along will be in the form of 4 videos each month, one each week on Wednesday. You can watch it at any time. Painting from the same photo, I will break down the steps and paint so that you can follow along. The video will have 4 parts: the planning stage, the contour line drawing, the initial painting and the finishing stage. The videos will mimic a live classroom where you can see what is happening, pause and paint, and learn along with me and the other patrons. You can also send comments or questions that I will respond to at a later time. There will be a new Paint Along each month.
- Tangible inspiration from my studio to yours: One entry per month in a drawing for one of my original watercolor cards.
- 20% discount on paintings in my Etsy shop

Join at $10 Tier

Gold Level $50 per month
As a GOLD supporter you will receive all of the Bronze & Silver rewards. In addition;
More tangible inspiration from my studio to yours: One entry per month in a drawing for one of my original watercolor paintings.
One in-depth critique per month on a painting of your choice. Critique by email.
30% discount on paintings in my Etsy shop
Join at $50 Tier

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