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About Katie Masters

About Me

Hello! My name is Katie Masters and it seems you've stumbled upon my patreon page! Welcome!

Some of you know me as a multi-genre author with blue hair (current titles include Brenna Morgan & The Iron Key, The Bone Dancer, and Beacons), some of you know me as the Pixie Reporter for the Enchanted Forest News, and some of you don't know me at all!

Well hold onto your cheezits and magic wands, because you're about to!

I'm known on Twitter far and wide as the self proclaimed Writer Big Sister. That's right. I adopt all the writers I can find as my younger siblings. Because someone needs to cheer you on, be honest about your writing, and not snitch on you when you sneak out in the middle of the night or eat the last of the cheese puffs. You're welcome.

But being a Writer Big Sister and an author isn't easy. Everything--as you should know by now from all the super hero movies you've seen--comes at a cost.

Why Do I Need Patreon?

Time, projects, and career.

Writing is an art. And like all other art trades, income is often rocky and fraught with peril. And more often than not artist's lives and payments for said art is small. But we do it because we love it and need to share with the world.

At least I do.

And that's why I made the decision that my writing career had to come first--my ability and need to help my fellow writers and artists had to come first too. So I've turned to Patreon, the place where I can share my journey with you, and hopefully help you in your journey as well, whether as a reader who needs new worlds to escape to, or writing advice and sanity checks, or artists who want to share their work with the world and wanted to be treated with integrity and fair pay.

What Do YOU Get ?

Words! Stories! WORLDS! If you're up for being my patron you'll be supporting my goal to make writing novels my main job, not a side hustle. You'll get exclusive sneak peeks into projects I'm working on such as podcast scripts, short stories, rough drafts of chapters of books that I'm working on, and any other fun thing I manage to get myself into (like sneak peeks into book trailers I'm making, scripts for shows I'm working on, etc).

I'm also currently working on a very fun Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure series about an Enchanted Forest. On twitter I play a 'Pixie Reporter' with daily news bulletins of what's going on in the forest. It's set a few years prior the beginning of the first book and has lots of Easter Eggs and hidden plots that will pertain to events in the series!

Due to popular demand for more Enchanted Forest News, I've come up with a plan.

Here, and only here, I'll be posting full news articles at the end of each week expanding on the Enchanted Forest News for those who decide to be a patron.

I'll also be offering more rewards, which you can see in the tiers section. The rewards may change every now and then depending on the amount of support I receive, which frees up more time for writing, which in turn gives you more content to read and rewards I can give!

How Will Your Patronage Help?

If you become my patron and help me meet my monthly goal of 2K it will mean I can keep making you quality content full time as well as help me support other artists by hiring them with fair pay (like voice actors for pod casts), and do all of that without starving to death and becoming food for my cat.

This Is Getting Long Katie...

I know! Sorry! Stay with me for this last bit and then you can fling yourself back up the page to see the rewards for each tier! 


Thank you.

Yes YOU, the person reading this!

Time is a precious commodity and I thank you for giving me some of yours by reading all of this. If you find that can't afford any of the tiers that's okay! You can support me in other ways like telling your billionaire best friend about this page, following me on my youtube page, or even just chatting with me on twitter! I love friendship, and I'd love yours! If you made it to the end I'd say you've officially been adopted into my writer/reader family at this point. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY.

Now go have fun looking at those sweet tier rewards and check out my goals (seen on the top left hand side) that I plan to do with your support!

And if mom asks, I was totally home yesterday, got it? 

$81.99 of $500 per month

If we achieve this goal I'll be able to afford to pay an artist for a comic strip for one of my novels (one a month!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 331 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 331 exclusive posts

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