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About Katie West

tl;dr: I am emotional and express that in words, photos, and movement. Join me to get it all.

Too Long; Do Read: I have been posting on the internet for almost twenty years and though the internet is now a vastly different place to the one I grew to love, I still create with the hope of making a connection. 

I like creating connections with people, even if those connections are simply the acknowledgement of a shared experience or the recognition of a shared sentiment. The internet is for connection and sharing (and cats). I want to continue to encourage this connection.

But I'm also working on connecting to myself and my body. My body is not the body it was 18 years ago, nor is my mind the same. We're living through a difficult time where taking care of ourselves is difficult and it's easy to lose ourselves in the fire. I'm using this platform to keep myself close. And watered. I'm doing this through writing, photography, and movement. 

If you are into this, I thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated.
Because I am creating so much varied content, I've opted to go for monthly pledge amounts. This means that every month I will be creating a bunch of stuff and you will give the same regardless.

In addition to being a wonderful person to whom I am eternally grateful, all my patrons will get access to the Patrons-only feed here at Patreon. There are also different reward levels that can get you Dropbox folders of photos, movement and pole dancing videos, and access to the archives!

Thank you very much for supporting sad sluts on the internet,
<3Katie West

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