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A cat-lady Trekkie pizza-lover trying to do as Beyonce would.

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Travelling always inspires me to be more creative. If I reach $1500 a month, we'll have a vote and my Patrons will decided where I should go! Adventure!


Katie West is a photographer, teacher, writer, feminist, cat lady, and trekkie from Toronto, Canada. She is usually inappropriate, but in an admirable way.


Toronto, ON, Canada

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tl;dr: I am a writer, photographer, model, movie maker and would love your support to keep doing what I do. In return you get cool content and the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing you're a great person.

Too Long; Do Read: I take (mostly naked) pictures of myself and post them on the internet. I write essays and publish them in awesome places. I make lo-fi videos and post them on the internet. I take pictures of my cats and post them on the internet. I write about feminism, loving yourself, sex, bodies, being a nice person, being a boss, and giving no fucks about things that really don't deserve them and post it on the internet.

I like creating connections with people, even if those connections are simply the acknowledgement of a shared experience or the recognition of a shared sentiment. The internet is for connection and sharing (and cats). I want to continue to encourage this connection.

I would really like it if you helped me to continue to be an honest, body-positive, sex-positive, pizza-positive creator. 
Because I am creating so much varied content, I've opted to go for monthly pledge amounts. This means that every month I will be creating a bunch of stuff and you will give the same regardless.

In addition to being a wonderful person to whom I am eternally grateful, all my patrons will get access to the Patrons-only feed here at Patreon. There are also different reward levels that can get you anything from daily selfies, entire photosets, videos, high-quality prints, or hand-written love letters.

Thank you very much for being badass.
Katie West!
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