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I'm a writer based in Manchester, UK.  I'm a fairly ordinary person writing about fairly ordinary things - but they're things that don't hold as much importance in the media right now.  I've lived in poverty and relative affluence, and I've met people from all over the world.  They all have stories to tell, and so do I.  If you support me and my work, it allows me to tell more of those stories, and to tell them better - as I'll be able to devote more time to writing and investigating topics that matter to regular, working-class folk.

I'm just launching my writing career, but I have high hopes for what I can produce.  I regularly create long-form essays and I'm working on two non-fiction books about homelessness and the housing crisis.  I also love feedback and suggestions for what to write about.  My job is about giving a voice to those who normally go unheard, so as well as supporting me financially, my Patrons will have the chance to influence what subjects I tackle in my work.

Thank-you in advance to all of my supporters.  You're helping to make a difference in the type of stories that get published, by backing real journalism and opinion for real people.  You'll also be bringing attention to my work simply by reading and sharing the content that I generate each week - I like to make sure my backers are getting their money's worth, and I simply want as large an audience as I can find for the material I create.
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When I have the support of 50 patrons, I will make a 30-minute video about one of the UK's less well-known towns, and feature it on my YouTube channel, with the view to turning it into a regular series.
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