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  • You now have access to Censored Photoset Previews on my Patreon Feed. You will get to see what new ideas we are creating, censored previews to photosets and my eternal thank you for your support! 
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You will now have previews and teasers to upcoming content. This includes but not limited to:

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All or most will be downloadable content for you to enjoy without accessing Patreon all the time. 

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Bonus Thank You Video for Seekers(10$) +
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Bonus Video!!!Special Offer • 9 days left
Bonus Thank You Video for Seekers(10$) +



About Kawaii_Girl

November Reward Summary:

🔥Newest NSFW Photo Sets: Pizza Planet Delivery Girl & Dark Magician Girl
🔥Clips: 8 Clips Wiggles & Giggles, Hello Neighbor Already on my Feed! (Dark Magician Girl Magic Tricks, Learning Spanish with Kawaii, Mischievous Delivery Girl, Chicana Fun, & more)
🔥Newest NSFW Videos: Tipping the Pizza Girl & Dark Magician Girl Dreams Come True (20+ Videos to choose from!)
🔥Exhibitionist Videos: Nursery Trip🌷 More New Episodes Coming Soon!

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Rewards Release Date:

 *Digital Rewards are sent out through email on the last day of the month. Prints and Polaroids will be sent end of the month.*

You can find previews of previous sets on my Instagram Highlights (circle featured pic on profile) @senpaikawaiig

Click on the "Cosplay" Highlight for old photoset previews

"Video Catalog" Highlight has available videos (For Seekers and above members)

I will post when new sets/clips are available. All Digital Photos Sets will be sent out by last day of the month.

Snapchat access is granted within 24hrs after pledge payment has been processed. 

New Projects are continuously being worked on through out the month but I will announce when new content is available.

About Me: 

Sup Dudes & Dudettes, Kawaii here!
Where to get started...
Been cosplaying since 2014, creating adult content since 2015 and loving it! Most cosplays are from animes, video games or movies that are dear to my heart. I am always looking for new cosplays but will do tons of research on each character to get the "feel" for them. Joining my Patreon Brotherhood will get you the best deals of my cosplay content because you are helping create it! High Five for Team Work!!! 🙌 Rewards details are below according to tiers.

Once pledged be sure to check out "SELFIE SET" tab for my collection of *BONUS SELFIE SETS* available to all pledges!!
What's this all about??
Patreon is a crowdfunding pre-creation platform where you can pledge to help support your favorite creators. You get to choose what tier you would like to be apart and get rewarded for your support! Even $1 helps
Yup, I got one and a free one (kawaiigirlxxo). To access my Premium SC pledge $25 min, after payment has been processed message me your info or wait for me to message you with my info. I will add you within 48hrs of exchanging info.
Where do I see your photosets/video catalog?
Photoset's previews are always available on my Instagram @senpaikawaiig. Click the "Cosplay" Highlight to browse old sets. As for full set files the monthly sets are sent through email, but appropriate members (Admirals & higher) have choice of old set or second video.
What if I see new content I want to get but already claimed my rewards or want more?
You can edit/upgrade your pledge at anytime. Editing it will only charge you the difference not the full amount.
Ex: You joined the Palico 1$ tier but want to get a print (Admiral 50$) once you edit to the new tier you will only be charged the 49$.

**No Refunds will be given, so please be aware that automatic payment renewal the 1st of every month.*** 

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Bonus Dark Magician Girl Ahegao Clip & Photo Set For EVERYONE!!! 👅
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