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If you’re a fan and want to help a little in some way to support me and my adventures 💕 kitty kisses for you ! 😽😽😽

Kitty photos!
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For this I will upload a bunch(!!!!) like 100(s) pics a monthtaken with my cell phone. Nudes , adventures, my hedgehog , with friends, and just really give ya the inside look at my life :) NEW , weekly/ bi weekly Vlog! 

per month
-Cosplay progress albums
-Weekly, bi-weekly vlog
-all cellphone pics

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You will be added to the Snapchat and recieve the photo sets after your payment has gone through 😁

Kitty gifty!
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 -Cosplay progress albums
-Weekly, bi-weekly vlog
-lifetime snap chat

- 3 HD photosets 

-all cellphone pics 

-1 nude signed Polaroid sent to you! (Each month will have a different theme)


You will be added to Snapchat, receive the photo sets and be sent the polaroid after your payment goes through. I will provide proof of shipment 📦 



About Kawaiiikitten

Hello! I’m Kitty 🐱 
20 year old girly girl who loves video games and fun! I am honestly just starting off and don’t have much to offer at the moment. But would like to save up and go all over taking fun pics and vids! I play a lot of video games and eat a lot of candy😂 Is that important? Probably not. Haha I’m also pretty awkward. As you can tell 😭 okay well yeah, that’s me! 
I just want to thank you in advance for anything you may help support. It means so much to me , honestly 💕 hope you enjoy all that I have to offer! And I promise it will only get better!
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Hoping to grow and grow ! I’ve learned so much and have been working so hard to give great content! Hope when you join you can see the love I put in ??
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