Kayla Mary Marguerite

is creating Art! Many forms of art, especially wearable and fun
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About Kayla Mary Marguerite

My name is Kayla, and creating things is my passion, I wish to make costumes, clothes, accessories, jewelry and other project to sell and make a living from, to be my own boss. In order to do that I need the help of others to make it happen.

Art can get expensive when you first start out, and getting enough art supplies to make a steady stream of items is really up there. That on top of the cost of food, and rent among over things is a bit crazy. With help I can get my ideas up and running.

I can have part time jobs, but due to mental and physical issues that's all I can do in the working force. As my own boss I can make a time schedule that works for me, and lets me do what I love while not making things worse for myself physically. Mentally, doing what I love will help tones, it may not cure it, but it's a great place to start.
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