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thank you for just wanting to  sending some chearleading and the psychological boost letting us know that you hear us, see us, and want to let us know that you want us to feel your hug and support each month.  . i hope to pay that good feeling forward and maybe even return the favor should you ever be in this condition


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thank you for encouraging us to keep going forward inch by inch ... thank you for that.  we appreciate it.  thank you for your moral support and your cheer-leading.  we appreciate you  :D  and welcome to our Patreon page.. as the months go by, and we start to feel safe, we will try to make sure to share some of our more favorite creations on here for even those who can only barely afford to help out.   We will get there.  BC we APPRECIATE you!!  In the meantime, make sure you are subscribed  &  connected to us on ALL of our public FB links and Youtube channels so that you can get the full benefit of all of our projects and can get the most out of your connection to us.  We like to teach about body-awareness, cooking, growing fresh greens, AND plu you will get to get a sneak peak in to our life's adventures and share in some of our awesome creations. 

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a Gift from the Garden

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WE are not allowed to send you consumables so making you one of our protein-energy muffin treats is out, but until I hear otherwise, II think we are able to send you an extra plant from our garden?

you will get  to choose between a pack of seeds for "jewels of opar" plus a starter jewels of opar plant, or a pink flowered Crinnum Moorei or a cutting from a Chaya plant or cutting from a Gynura plant, or from a Purple Queen.

You will need to make sure we have your address so we know where we can send the cutting to, and also an email or a phonenumber, so we can find out which one you are choosing




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About Krin & Eagles Journeys

HI!  Welcome to our KrinetEagle Family!! 
We are the KrinetEagle Family., and We are here to help bring out the best in your world.    

Who are we, this krineteagle family I speak of? :: We are Creators, Philosophers, Listeners, Designers, and Eye-Openers at heart.    We are the KrinetEagle Family!

Why are we doing this?  ::  Well, we want to participate in making a positive difference in your life and contribute to the world around us in the way which embraces our strengths, and our values.  We take what we normally love doing & what we have a passion for & make it something of value and use to you!

What do we do?  ::  We create videos and podcasts and designs along with teach, coach, and consult.  We do everything we can (with what we have available to us) to share with you all the knowledge and insights we have in our heads with you in every way we can think of in order to try to create the safe symbiotic harmonious world we would like us to all live in..   We not only share our homeschooling journey, our cooking journeys, our gardening journeys, and our learning to listen projects with you, but we want to also inspire and challenge you - to be willing to learn more alternative ways of thinking about life then you usually do. 

We also want to challenge you to become even more  aware of yourself, your body, and the people's bodies around you.  We want to help you become even more of a compassionate human being then you were before, learning skills and tools to have even more empathy and understanding in your every day to day life, so you can be a better listener to yourself and to others.  On top of all that we want to inspire and prove to you that even you can have your own yummy edible garden, (yes,it IS possible with very little work from you).  On the side we will be sharing new and different perspectives about cooking and life. 

Ever since Eagle was born, like the rest of his family, he has been an avid Philosopher, Creator and Designer.  Even when he was just three, he has had an uncanny ability and passion not only for designing, but also for inspiring and motivating people to do actions they might otherwise have been too lazy or tired or uninterested in doing before. (When he was three I used to say he was a 3000 yr old sage living in a 3 yr old's body)   And as he learns, all of us around him also learn.  SO, I dare you to let him teach you a few things as much as he has taught us or to learn as he learns. 

(sometimes it's easier to learn as you watch someone else learn, we can give you that)   We dare you to sign up and find out just what he and I, together, might teach you along th way.  Maybe we might even inspire you. ;)   Make it be an instantaneous journey of us all growing up together, sharing our thoughts and ideas together.  We challenge you to grow with us and take this Journey With US!

We need you and You Need Us.  Be a part of our Network of Friends who Learns with Us.  Be a Part of Our Community, Be a part of our Krineteagle Family!  Let's do this journey TOGETHER!!!

More About US: We are people who are passionate about teaching about awareness and different ways of thinking.  From the beginning, like me, kiddo was an extreme extrovert who loved connecting with the world and who started designing projects and having philosophical thought conversations from the get go, and like me, has a great LONGING to be heard by you and understood by you and a deep need to be able to communicate and share ideas and understanding with the world around him and with you!    Even At 15 months, with sign language, he was sharing his awe of space travel for hours. with anyone who would listen.   At age of three, he went through a full calendar of making paper airplanes in nearly 10 days.. within three weeks, he was making his own designs every chance he could get, making and giving away as many airplanes for everyone person he met. {So if you are one of those people he met back then, HOLD onto that little tiny airplane he made and signed for you, bc who knows,ONE day they may very well be a collector's item.}   

  Kiddo has since graduated to other projects and topics as different interests have passed crossed his attention ... The whole time sharing with us what he created and processed, teaching us to think beyond our normal day thoughts and awarenesses and often previously quite-limited perspectives.  Together, we have Opened our minds to beyond how we used to see ourselves or the world around us.   Kiddo has been our teacher as much as we have been his. I tried to record much of it, but sadly we have lost access to most of the records from his earlier days, But now we have found many NEW ways in which we can create a record of his creations, our creatons, and his minds and our mind's evolution,  and more importantly we have found a way to share it WITH YOU!!!

So sign up NOW, so you can have your mind and world expanded, too! Never be alone in spirit again. Be connected to us in spirit through our videos and podcasts and join our network of friends, become a part of our family community, and be a part of our journey.  Take part in this Journey WITH US!!!

another reason Why we want you to join us ON HERE?
So the last few years, our lives got put on hold as our original family got turned upside down and broken apart and our lives as we once knew it not only got turned upside down, but basically destroyed.  . But as we have finally started in the journey to start to make some progress in trying to heal, we realized and found out that maybe just maybe it might be possible to make a living doing something we already really loved doing.. AND IN SUCH A WAY THAT MAKES SURE YOU ARE deeply CONNECTED TO US

Eagle and I LOVE designing and sharing our designs and our thoughts with you. And we love recording and documenting. and we are every so happy that you are making it possible for us to be allowed to do that FOR YOU! 

Whether its our crazy experimental meals,to simple logo designs, to funky music or Eagle's intricate Sci-Fi world that he is creating...  to garden inspirations to body listening insights.. whatever latest idea we are working on, to just super stimulating conversations about life to just plain recording the world around us .    Its important that we are able to share this all with you!

to be able to do what we love, sharing our ideas and our celebration of learning with the world around us with you.  it's important to us to be able to share this with YOU, bc by doing so maybe just maybe it might help you or influence you to be a part of of helping to create and affect the designs of the world around us in a positive regenerative compassionate and considerate way.

   And this brings us a sense of peace and hope and a sense of purpose and gives our life meaning.   And We want to be able to give and share ALL of this with you!

Our original family may have been broken apart by circumstances outside of our control, but we can STILL make something good come out of it by turning our passion for recording and documenting the world around us to use it to help benefit you.  As we share our ideas with you, our loyal and supportive friends, you become a part of our little family unit and together our family will grow - to include YOU.

We are so excited and thankful you have let us into your world, allowing us to share our ideas with you and celebrate our lives with you, to share our passions and joys and insights and thought and questions with you.   Thank you!  Amongst you we have found true friends of the family, who can truly accept and appreciate our little family unit, just as we are. You are the people we will try to be dedicated and loyal friends to -- our new family unit. whom we can feel safe to connect with!  Thank you for helping us to feel safe with you! 
And so, We invite you and are greatful for your choice to become a part of our new larger family.  Thankyou

  We thank you for choosing to grow up with us & learn about the world as we grow & share what we learn about the world with you, possibly sharing our questions, and values and letting us share our thoughts and ideas with you as they evolve and grow!  We need you and you need us!  And I am glad we have found each other!!!

May you also evolve and learn and grow with us. :)

May we all Learn and develop the habit of checking in with one self and the world around us with us.

May we all learn about acceptance & patience & compassion & celebration of the beauty of life in everything around us and within us.

We are so excited you are sharing this experience with us. We appreciate you for existing. Thank you for participating in this experience of this thought experiment called life with us. Thank you thank you thank you also for helping to support us and for helping to make this journey with you possible!! THANK YOU!!!! :D :D :D :D

When I start to wallow in sadness about our loss of the family we once had, I instead remind myself of our connection to you.  And how we matter to you, and how you matter to us, too.  It feels good to know you matter to us and that we matter to you!  And just knowing that you want us to feel as safe as we want you to feel and that you care enough about us to do something means a LOT to us  --- whether it is you supporting us or by sharing and like and subscribing to our videos or by your wanting to be connected to us in a way that will help encourage our financial wellbeing.    Your are caring enough to act and DO SOMETHING to help make the dreams about the people you care about to come true. -- and that means a lot to us! .. May you Feel Safe Knowing that We Care about You and Appreciate You for This.  well, It gives us a reason to CELEBRATE!. :D 
So THANK YOU!! for exisiing and being a part of our lives!!!

-- WE celebrate the help of your moral support, your shares, your likes, your subscribes  and more importantly all of your encouragement and connection by letting us share life with you!  THANK YOU!!!

WE celebrate your letting us be there in your lives to share in our joy of celebration of people, places, events, and life with you.. Thank you for letting us accept and appreciate you!   Maybe together we can fill up the hole that Eagle's  father left behind and fill it with your love, you caring, your acceptance and your appreciation and your encouragement and your celebration of life of our life  together with you sharing with us this journey with us.  And so, we Thank YOU for existing and sharing this experience with us, and more importantly, thank you so much for helping us to make this journey possible. thank you thank you thank you!!!

Thank you for sharing in our journeys with us!
Thank you for stepping through time and being with us as we create dinner as we share what we are cooking on a cooking channel 
Thank you for joining us as we connect with  our cat on our cat channel, the garden on our gardening channel, and so much more...
Thank you for Joining us on  all of our Journey  that we share with you on our Channels and Social Media Sites  
from our Facebook and Twitter pages that promote radical thoughts, teach you about your body awareness and awareness of others, and EVEN get YOU to have an edible oasis in your backyard  to our YouTube channels, we do all of it to work to share with your all the inspirations and fascinating joys and insights and fascinating thoughts that we come across!.  And it is an honor that you are letting us share it ALL with you!

whether you START with sharing one little dollar with us or with sharing and liking and subscribing our pages, thank you for hearing us, seeing us, caring about us and letting us do the same for you and for giving us both that connection to you to look forward to each month! thank you! it means a lot to us. YOU MATTER TO US!!!  And it's nice to know that we matter to you as well. So thank you!

Join Our Family Support Group on Facebook.  

Make sure to find all our podcasts filled with philosophical debates and discussions. (There will also be future opportunities where you actually participate in a podcast )

Make sure to comment on everything so you can have your own thoughts be heard, too!

In order to keep up with all this, to get ALL of our online projects going, your support makes it all possible. And we thank you for that!  Here is an extra BIG ZEN HUG of appreciation!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you  so so so so so so so so so much for your help. .Thank you!!!

Just a thought, if you do not want to Join Up with Patreon, but still want to give send us a MONTHLY gift via PayPal, here is our a link to a Paypal:  (Though keep in mind one nice thing about Patreon, is that it not only sends the money to our bank account direct which is kind of nice, too. but with Patreon you also be helping us to feel safer AND getting LOTs of cool, awesome, neato little gifts and worthwhile rewards from us, along with getting to see things that we will most likely only show here, and future links to our most favorite creations we are making and designing, and cool merchandise which we hope to be able to create just for Patreon members.

We gotta start somewhere.. To succeed, we need you!

Together we create a harmonious safe regenerative compassionate appreciative world that lives in symbiotic harmony with each other, ourselves, and the world we live in together. 

Together we create a World of Awareness Living in Symbiotic Harmony!  :D  

Together we succeed and thrive!

$7.14 of $100 per month
a tease at a sense of hope, knowing that we mean enough and care enough to some for them to take action and that someone out there actaully wants us to succeed wtih THIS dream!
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