Keep Loxicha Free

is creating solidarity with former political prisoners in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Small donations go a long way. We helped keep Abraham out of prison for several months just by passing the hat. Every dollar helps towards making this short-term solidarity and mutual aid effort successful.
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If 100 people pledge $5 a month, we will have Abraham and Álvaro's payments covered, and they will not be forced to go back to prison.
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If 100 people pledge $10 a month, we not only cover the court's "reparation" fees, which threaten Álvaro and Abraham with re-incarceration, we can also offer some modest support in re-establish themselves after 20 years as political prisoners.




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"Keep Loxicha Free" is an economic solidarity project with former political prisoners in Oaxaca, Mexico, Álvaro Sebastián Ramírez and Abraham García Ramírez, who are facing the threat of reincarceration, unless they pay exorbitant "damage reparations." Álvaro and Abraham are indigenous community organizers from the Loxicha region of the state of Oaxaca, who spent twenty years in prison for confronting the Mexican state. After twenty years of legal battles and political solidarity, Álvaro and Abraham obtained their freedom via "early release" on July 7, 2017. However, as part of the conditions for their freedom, they are both obligated to pay the state court approximately $280 and ~$250 dollars, respectively, in "reparations" each month for two years—whilst subsisting on less than $100 per month—or they will be forced to retun to prison.

Our goal is to cover the $530 dollars ($250 for Abraham and $280 for Álvaro) each month to cover Abraham and Álvaro's reparation fees and keep them free. All the money goes directly to them.

Please consider making a recurring donation—even a couple of bucks or what you'd pay for a coffee go a long way when it becomes part of a collective effort.
Practice solidarity and mutual aid!

One-time donations via Paypal are also welcome to [email protected].

¡Help us keep them free!

$233 of $530 per month
Help us reach our goal of generating $530 a month in order to keep Abraham and Álvaro from having to return to prison.

This amount will cover the "reparations" payments they must make each month to the district court in order to avoid the possibility of returning to prison for another ten years. For most people in rural Oaxaca, it nearly impossible to come up with this sum of money in Oaxaca each month—no less for victims of state violence dealing with the immediate financial and psychological aftershocks of spending twenty years in cells. Abraham makes a living selling handmade baskets; Álvaro is organizing with the National Indigenous Congress (CNI). Collectively, through mutual aid and solidarity, we can easily help them to maintain their long fought freedom.
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