Keep Loxicha Free is creating solidarity with former political prisoners in Oaxaca, Mexico

$3 per month

$3 /mo
Small donations go a long way. We helped keep Abraham out of prison for several months just by passing the hat. Every dollar helps towards making this short-term solidarity and mutual aid effort su...


$5 /mo
If 100 people pledge $5 a month, we will have Abraham and Álvaro's payments covered, and they will not be forced to go back to prison.


$10 /mo
If 100 people pledge $10 a month, we not only cover the court's "reparation" fees, which threaten Álvaro and Abraham with re-incarceration, we can also offer some modest support in re-establish the...

$25/month - Crucial Supporter

$25 /mo
This amount will make an enormous difference in helping Abraham and Álvaro maintain their freedom, and hopefully even generating some extra financial support for them as they re-establish themselve...


$50 /mo
If 20 people pledge $50, we will have met our goal—of helping to keep Álvaro and Abraham from being forced to return to prison, while also offering the same modest, yet meaningful amount in mutual ...