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💗Includes EA benefit (2 days)💗

Welcome, future Champion! You have an interest in Lust Age and you want to see how it grows thanks to your pledge! 
Includes Discord benefits
  • Early access to the latest version 2 days before the public release
  • Community codes
  • Access to patron-only posts
  • Monthly Full HD wallpaper (SFW)
  • General polls (maps, assets, features, reworks...)
  • Your name forever written in the game! (optional)
  • Quit screen NSFW version
  • Welcomed role in Discord
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The next Manor Lord

Sold out!

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💗Includes EA benefit (2 weeks)💗

You are on your way to becoming a Manor Lord! This limited pledge will give you access to all the extra benefits as if you were a Manor Lord plus all the previous benefits.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Early access to the latest version 2 weeks before the public release
  • Exclusive version of any game
  • Dev's Diary
  • Access to Lisapi tips
  • Access to exclusive MAIN girls portraits (SFW)
  • Patricia's paintings Full HD
  • The next Manor Lord role in Discord


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💗Includes EA benefit (1 week)💗

You are officially an Aspirant! Now that you have a new rank you will have new benefits!

In addition to receiving the benefits of Welcomed tier, you will also have access to:
Includes Discord benefits
  • Early access to the latest version 1 week before the public release
  • Exclusive version of any game
  • Animation pack
  • New day screen Full HD
  • Paintings Full HD
  • Dev's Diary
  • Aspirant role in Discord




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About Keisi

Do you want to know in detail the benefits of each tier? Have a look here!

IMPORTANT! Here is a small list of goals by members that are separated from the earning goals:
+300/500 members


Lust Age (Main project)

WORK IN PROGRESS: Updated Nov 14 (click to expand in a new tab)

- DOWNLOADS (Click the image) -

Have trouble with the images? No worries!

Read the full information about the exclusive version here.

- Learn more about LA -

Have trouble with the images? No worries!

What will you see in the game? Updated: v0.10.0
  • Interactive world: Explore +10 locations.
  • +5 main girls and +5 secondary girls.
  • SFX and BGM for a better experience!
  • Easy (No RPG, just enjoy the reading), normal, and hard mode.
  • Different quality of life features (map, journal/quest system, etc.).
  • Do you want to repeat an unlocked scene? Talk to your girl and ask her!
  • Girls with different types of attractive bodies and their own personalities always with their perverted side (you are in LUST age)!
  • + 50 achievements (each achievement is rewarded with an exclusive image!).
  • + 10000 renders (scenes, poses, backgrounds, etc.).
  • + 700 animated scenes (lewd scenes, girls' introductions, poses, etc.).
  • Different RPG features!

Short presentation of myself!

Welcome to my Patreon page! I'm Keisi, a beginner developer and writer who dedicates all his time to the development of different projects.

Unfortunately, everything that happened during the pandemic resulted in me losing my job (IT related) so I decided to renew myself a bit since I know different programming languages. I didn't know how to work with Ren'py/Koikatsu so I decided to learn how to model, make scenes, learn how Ren'py works... It is very satisfying to see the result little by little of learning and the most important thing is that people like the result.

So, why pledge?

I will do my best to dedicate my life to the development of adult games. Every day from morning to night I will work to make my projects your favorite adult games

Your support is and will be important to make my work as a developer a reality and I will make you not regret the money you decide to invest in me.

In any case, you can always support me in other free ways!
For example, you can join Discord and check out the #codes channel, there you can see what free ways you can help me and receive exclusive benefits in return.

You can also recommend my games to your friends so they know you are a person of culture!

Lust Age will always be free, if you decide to support me, you will support me as a developer.
$1,506.42 of $1,553.28 per month
Seriously... Thank you. With this amount I can now officially consider myself a developer of adult games. I will be able to dedicate my life as a developer and try even harder to do my best to make Lust Age a great game and look forward to future projects when Lust Age is complete. Officially I work for you!

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