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About Kelley Cantrell

Here, you can find a wide variety of writing. I'm working on a bunch of stuff at any given time, but to save you a few clicks and help you navigate easier, here's some links below. (Links added semi-regularly!)
Current project/s:
NIGHTMARE CHILD: A horror story involves a girl who's born to catch other people's dreams, and what happens when she fails to meet her sole purpose in life. (Involving a subsequent breakdown of her mind, her inability to capture her own nightmares, etc.)

Other stuff:
Stuff on gender dysphoria
, which is self-explanatory.
NSFW tag. Explains itself. ;)
(Don't forget about the regular, miscellaneous writing tag!)

Old projects:
EDEN ROSE: sci-fi/apocalyptic

Most of my writing is here for a dollar, but there is longer stuff offered at the higher tiers if you're so inclined.

So, a little about me now. I'm a chronically ill mom of one, full time working student. Working a fast food job while taking classes is enough to put a strain on anyone's body, but I'm on a lot of medication as it is and I see my doctors at least once a month or every other month. Writing is my passion and one day it will be the thing that supports my family and I. But for now, I have to work full-time as a cashier just to make ends meet. So for now, this Patreon is what is helping me pursue my creative passions and help with my bills here and there when my paychecks fall a little short, or when I have unexpected bills. 

Again, I'm so thankful for anyone who's ever read my work or even RTed my work on Twitter even if they've never been able to subscribe to my Patreon. Thanks so much for being here!
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$100 a month means that I'll have enough to buy diapers for my sweet little one and ensure that any small financial hiccups don't place any more stress on me.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts

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