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Kelly is a local travelling artist who lives in a van. Working in mediums such as pen and ink and watercolour Kelly aims to capture the magic of the present moment.

Kelly's continuous line drawings are created using either one or both hands, and then completed with a vibrant watercolour wash. These drawings aim to capture the energy of the moment she is in - usually depicting scenes that are of a social nature. These are sometimes of people on the street, the bus or in a coffee shop. They are usually unaware that they are being watched by a local flaneur!
In her spare time she enjoys cycling, adventures with Fuggles the dog, travelling and also face painting at festivals. She is a member of Storytelling with Bards Aloud and sketches for them frequently.

Kelly was recently an artist in residence at FolkEast at the Soapbox stage capturing the expressions of people watching and experiencing the live music. Over the weekend she created almost 50 drawings that were displayed and for sale around the Soapbox stage.

Recently Kelly has created a clothing brand of watercolour t shirts that can be purchased at

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