Josh 'Keluri' Hansis is creating the Diremoon Rising Webcomic

$1 /mo
You're awesome! Thank you for your interest in our project! You'll get access to all of the level rewards when they're unlocked!

$5 /mo
ART PRIORITY: Early access to pages and sketches, as well as our world document, which outlines character stats, bios, as well as class, guild, and world descriptions in the world of Diremoon!

$10 /mo
DESIGN A CHARACTER: At this tier, I'll sit down with you and design a character, to be drawn in the Diremoon for either use in the main plot, background, or personal use, depending on your wishes.

$25 /mo
I HAVE NO IDEA! Thanks for donating, I honestly have no idea what the tier should be, so the first person who does gets to help decide with me what to do!