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is creating NSFW Kemono Arts, Animation, Game and etc

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Welcome to Kemono Dream Patreon Page!
Here some simple introduction:-

I'm Nekomaru Kotarou, I'm the one who hosting patreon. Kemono Dream is my own production, There are 2 sub-categories which Kemono Dream and Kemono Dream +18. It can be either art, animations, game, manga/ comic, and etc.

I'm aware that navigation content in Patreon can be hard, luckily Patreon have a Tags system which can help you to find the content you're looking for it.

If you did not know, we have a discord server and I recommend you to join to get the free contents, updates and quick small announcement or discussion. Here in Patreon I only post big announcement or content, I don't want to spam your email with the post notification about small stuff. Join Now!

Kemono Dream Patreon
I was an animator and work in anime company. Since I quit my job, I decide to use my patreon as my main source income and consider this as a job. Also, I have improve my animation skill a lot and assume there will be animation content from time to time. My primary work will be a Kemono or Furry stuff. What will be post here are mostly what I enjoy to make such as Arts, Animations, Manga, RPG Maker Game and more.

By supporting me, you gave me hope and motivated me to deliver the content and not worrying about the profit. The content you will get is depend what project I'm working on. Example are teaser shots, WIP content, exclusive reward base on tiers, early access, game tester and etc.

Insight Pledge Tiers and rewards:-
[The higher badge can receive lower badge rewards]

Demo Badge
for those want to see what content I'm making before deciding getting higher badge.

VIP Badge is a basic badge. You will get the most basic reward with it's own minimal extras.

Golden Badge already consider as fully access. You pretty much get what I have plan for it. You will get its exclusive content.

Platinum Badge is the superior badge. Similar with Golden Badge but this one you will get monthly game build.

If you do not feel like to pledge but instead want to donate. Please click the Donation Box link above. Keep in mind, by doing so you won't get any rewards. Please send the donation in USD.

Update : 1/4/2020
$146.46 of $700 per month
With this amount, I would say my life is stable and I'll keep making content!
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