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About KenShuMC

Reading and gaming are entertaining or can be an experience of learning, but writing or streaming to entertain the reader is an art and a science. Do we writers or streamers inform, teach or amuse the reader? KenShuMC seeks to entertain viewers by amusing them while informing and teaching with both fiction and non-fiction.

In supporting this Patreon page for InUPressMC Gaming it allows us to get further editing, layout work, broadcast and graphics work completed from editors, producers, publishers, and designers, helping us get more written works to you the readers sooner.

As Patreon creators, we support our monthly subscribing followers with exclusive content available only to followers. Some of the content is only available to higher tier followers as our dedication to your loyalty and support of our work.

Kenneth can be found at 

While InUPressMC Gaming can be found at

On our Patreon account, we will offer you two of our exciting serial series of short story episodes to entertain you. These will be posted, to begin with, as we wet our feet here, gaining an understanding of how you like the writing we do. We will also be publishing items exclusive for our follower subscribers as either videos or written works.

We will initially offer you our medieval fantasy series, Lanis; as well as our sci-fi/fantasy series, and our Eren’s Challenge, each published fare.

The first episodes or pilot, introductory episodes were written shorter, at around 1,200 to 1,500 words, then the written and video series episodes become twice the length or more reaching around an average of 10 to 12 minutes long.

If requested we may add other series or items of ours to the account for subscribers who follow InUPress, such as the medieval fantasy series: Bard & Dragoman, or Bloodgrue, from our Quantos world setting, or possibly from the 5th Galaxy world setting the science fiction series excerpts from our story: Star Grean. As well as InUPressMC Gaming streams such as Bold Vold, Little Lanis, and EVE Online's KnTST Corp.

Also in the coming months, we will offer other videos exclusive to paid subscription monthly supporters of InUPress.

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When we reach $200 I'll write a unique Eren's Challenge episode about his  Challenge life pre-series episodes. As well as producing a video on my process for producing episodes for the diferent series I write.

Check out the author page at Kenneth Shumaker
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