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  • 10% discounts on prints from my Fine Art America  page (transactions must be handled through me for discount.)

About Ken O'Toole

Hello. I'm Ken O'Toole, and I'm glad you found my Patreon page. I hope you stay a while and return often.

I am a visual artist. I make abstract art. I use a wide variety of tools and media in my visual art practice, because I love to experiment.  Most recently, the focus of my work has turned to abstract landscapes, sky-scapes, sunsets, etc. However, as abstracts some might seem a bit alien.

These fall into what I think of as dream-scapes, spiritual landscapes, or if you will "S'scapes." They are my expressions and generally stem from my emotional and spiritual condition. It's just that they might also represent a stormy sky if that happens to be where my head's at while painting. It is also a fair metaphor for the fiction I write, which is generally a cross genre hybrid of cyber-noir, science fiction, and fantasy. Stick around and you will get to read some of the shorter works. You will also more information on my author's page.

I am now focusing my efforts toward Patreon because of how it allows artists like myself to have more direct contact with the audience to whom my work most appeals.

So, here I am; hoping you find, like, and support the many variations and configurations my odd vision creates.

If you like this work, you can give whatever you would like and help us make and share some beautiful artwork. My intention is for this to be a place for my art, tutorials, stories and all the things that feed my soul (and hopefully yours).

You can limit what you want to give... or you can give what you want. You can see a breakdown of exactly what you will be getting for your contribution in the REWARDS.  If you have questions about Patreon in general, questions about billing, payments, software, what this all is, etc. please also visit the official Patreon Help Center here

It is my desire to share the life affirming process of creating with as many people as possible, and to encourage them to create also. Please, help me do that.
25% complete
Meeting this first goal will mean two things important to every artist.
1. It will re-establish a balance in my finances and allow me to concentrate more on work in the studio.
2. And even more importantly, it means that you, my fans, have helped me reach a greater audience with whom to share my gifts and vision.

Once I meet this first milestone I will hold a random drawing for this one-of-a-kind print (without the watermark, naturally) "The Sunset Shaman" originally created with alcohol inks on paper. This (10" x 14") print, is beautifully back mounted on Plexiglas and comes ready to hang.
The Sunset Shaman

I have a number of goals I plan to accomplish. The first is to gather enough supporters to reach this first milestone. From this foundation I can increase my studio production, and:
  • Refurbish, reequip, and re-supply my studio & materials (this is an ongoing process which is why re-establishing a balance in my finances is the FIRST step and milestone.)
  • Create training videos to share my techniques
  • Expand my printing capabilities
  • Hire local artists to assist in the practice
And, there will be greater rewards for you, my supporters, as we accomplish these goals.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 81 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 81 exclusive posts

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