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 Supporting my channel by being a part of my Elite group of Bindi Babe supporters. You will receive the following perk:

     •  Special Patreon-only giveaways

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Reserved for those who have or are going to start a beauty YouTube channel and would like some hands on help getting off the ground. This is not a sub for sub program but a private consulting from me on ways to help improve your channel. With this tier of support you will receive:

     •  All previous tier rewards

     •  Scheduled time to talk to me via phone/voice where we go
        over your channel and figure out some improvements

     •  Special discord channel for creators only to chat

     •  Channel Spotlight during lives Once a month I will showcase your channel. Present what its all about and ask my subscribers to watch a video of yours and troubleshoot. Just creative criticism. At this  time if my subscribers want to join they can if they like your channel.  This can be catered to your preference once we talk about it. 

     •  More to come....

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