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About Kent Heidelman

My name is Kent Heidelman!

I'm the Creator of Scariest In Screamforth (FREE TO READ COMIC)
and the energetic Comic Review Puppet!

Scariest In Screamforth
is a comic about three kid monsters in a monster town, trying to solve a dark mystery! Very SPOOKY-CUTE!

Comic Review Puppet
stars: KIRBY McSTAPLES! A puppet whose favorite thing ever is to review comic books! Very DUMB-CUTE!

A big THANK YOU to everyone that reads or watches my work.
It means the world to me!

My Patreon (life) is all about making COMICS & ART!

As a patron, you can take an ACTIVE role in supporting my work. There are tons of benefits! You can gain EARLY ACCESS to almost all Comic, Art, & Video content I make! Also you can watch Behind the Scenes, Blog Updates, Tips & Tricks, Timelapse Videos, and more! Check out some subscription tiers for them deets.

About Me:

After I dropped out of Art School, I opened a Comic Shop.

I Co-Owned it with my two best friends. IT WAS RAD! While working there, I interned at Comic Publisher: Archaia Entertainment for a semester. I learned a lot from both. Fast Forward. Now I'm an Illustrator & Comics Creator. VERY RAD! Besides drawing art and talking to puppets, I currently Co-Host the Comic Book Workshop, a podcast about making comics. We've interviewed Robert Kirkman, Terry Dodson, Steve Lieber, Matthew Rosenberg and more... RAD!

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Once we reach the 10 patrons goal, I'll start doing Livestreams twice a month. It'll be me making comics and art, only viewable on Patreon! For the $2 and up tier.
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