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Kevin Cozens

Creating and supporting Open Source software and hardware projects.

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About Kevin Cozens


My name is Kevin Cozens. I love Open Source hardware and software. I have worked on, and supported, various hardware and software projects since long before the term Open Source existed. I also like 3D modelling, amateur radio, photography, and playing guitar and mandolin.

My Background
I became interested in electronics and computers in my teen years. They became the basis of my hobbies and my career. By profession I work with electronics, and program computers and microcontrollers. I used to work 9 to 5 until a company I had been working for changed direction and closed the engineering department I was in. Since then I have been working for various clients on a contract basis.

The Past
In 1992 I worked on my first project that would be called an Open Source project today. The project was the Poor Man's Packet software used by the amateur radio community. I fixed a number of bugs in the software, improved existing features, and added some new ones. I also fixed a problem with the modem hardware that was commonly used with the software.

In 1994 I learned about Linux from some co-workers. In the Fall of that year I used it for the first time on my home computer. I discovered a world of software that was free and for which the source code was available.

In 1998 I made my first contribution to one of the Open Source programs I had discovered. I still contribute to that project to this day. The BlackDuck (a site that has statistics about Open Source projects) shows that I have created, or made changes to, 15 projects with over 1,000 commits of code and documentation changes to those projects. The actual number of commits is higher but BlackDuck doesn't count changes made to branches.

The Present
I support a number of Open Source software projects. The main ones I support are:
  • GIMP: A free and open source image editor
    This was the first project I worked on and still support. I maintain the Script-Fu plug-in and its associated scripts. I occasionally work on other language bindings, and the BABL and GEGL libraries used by GIMP.
  • OpenSimulator: a multi-platform, multi-user, 3D application server
    I am a member of the core developer team. I have created, or maintain, several add-on modules, and occasionally contribute to the main code. I report bugs, do bug triaging, update the project wiki pages, and help users via IRC or the mailing list. I also run the weekly developer meetings held in OSgrid.
  • KiCad: a cross-platform electronics design automation suite
    I use this suite of programs for my hardware projects. I have found and reported bugs which were quickly fixed. I provided one small patch that is now part of the main code base.
  • TinyScheme: a tiny cross-platform Scheme interpreter for embedding in programs.
    I am the only active maintainer/developer for this program that is used in GIMP and in other projects.

For the above projects, and others, my areas of support includes: reporting bugs, triaging bug reports, providing patches to fix bugs, documentation, participating in mailing list discussions, and supporting users via the projects IRC channel and/or mailing list. I can be found almost every day in the IRC support channels for the above listed projects.

Most of the Open Source related work I have done to date has been software related. Since I discovered the Hackaday website I have been using it to publish some of my hardware projects. I have some other hardware projects currently ongoing which I will also publish on Hackaday.

The Future
Working under contract (rather than at a traditional 9 to 5 job) has made it possible for me to support various Open Source projects. I really like producing and supporting Open Source projects. I like the variety of the work involved and I get to work with different programming languages.

If you are using any of the projects I have worked on, or if you just use and love Open Source as I do, your monthly donations will allow me to continue producing and supporting Open Source projects.

If you don't want to make monthly donations you can:

Final words
Thank you for taking the time to read what I've written above. I may have been a bit long-winded (which Patreon suggests is a bad thing) but I want you to know that I'm not some "here today, gone tomorrow" person. I've been involved in the Open Source community for many years and I expect to continue doing so for many more years to come.

$9.85 of $10 per month
I have my own domain name and use a web hosting company to host my own website where I put information about various projects. Reaching this goal will allow me to keep my web site up and running.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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