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Congratulations, you have arrived at the Patreon page of none other than Kevin Reese! I live in sunny South Carolina, and I love sharing videos with my YouTube family! I post videos of anything and everything as it pertains to my day-to-day life and things I do, which is always interesting! Please join me on this journey as I strive to continue creating excellent content for my YouTube family. Have an awesome day ya'll!
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Alright ya'll, I love making great YouTube videos, but it's hard to pour all the time it takes into making these videos when I'm not making any money! Here's the deal. If ya'll could help me earn $100/month, I will go part time at my current full time job, and I will begin putting more time into creating amazing YouTube videos for everyone, and will begin WEEKLY uploads! That is the goal, now let's make it happen!
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