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Hello I'm KB, and you have happened to stumble across my Patreon page!

You may know me for the YouTube series Mad Countdown [link], Top 10s including "Video Games That Have Aged Well" and my Favourite Pokemon Series

Mad Lists [link] are basically unordered Mad Countdowns, "64 Video Game Character Impressions" and "10 Ways to Improve Pokemon GO" are two examples.

Mad Showdown [link] is a series where I take two of more forms of work (video games, franchises etc.) and run a comparison video.

I also run a show called The Key Banter [link] which are satirical appraisals of anything within the video game culture. The most notable videos are "Whitney's Miltank is Easy" where I explain why Miltank wasn't as hard as people seemed, and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Weirdness" where I knuckle down on a collection of aspects that make this game really batty.

The Key Info [link] focuses more on updating the public with new gaming information and providing special trivia from video games such as "The Unused Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus".

Tabloid Facts [link] and Tabloid Lore [link] are parodies of gaming fact videos by twisting facts to make them sound very outrageous like the way tabloid articles do.

And finally, I have my KB's Answer Session [link] where I answer all your lovely questions

On KBMadventures [link] channel, MisMadventures are Let's Plays which are more than one part and MiniMadventures are Let's Plays consisting of one part to cover multiple games. MisCreate is a series solely dedicated to playing simulation games. KBattle! is where I commentate on online game matches I play.

That settles my KBMotifs [link] channel, let's talk about KeyrunBenji [link].

I use this channel for miscellaneous segments and talking about other forms of media besides gaming, like my favourite TV Shows, and I have Mad Countdowns in the works for this channel.

I have a third channel called KayBeKook [link] where I do music covers and anything which I can't claim, so in other words, a non-revenue channel.

These videos are intended to be within the boundaries of informative, entertaining, critical, praise and comedic. I've come a long way since 2011 when I started making scripted videos and I'm very happy with the progress of my content creating today, and to keep up with these quality videos and remain on top of my game with commitment to it, you can help support my ongoing creations as these videos take a while to write and process.

Essentially, it took me time to decide whether or not I wanted to start a Patreon campaign, and in the end, I felt it was a good way for me to provide give and take with more time invested into my work while giving something extra back to the community, and while it's good to promise fortune, planning that fortune is a step further, which I've done through revision of my time and scheduling how and when I'm going to deliver things.

So with whatever you decide to do, many thanks for your support down the road, it means a lot! Stay supreme!
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Lighting kit. I'm incorporating more visual effects into my work, which is why balanced lighting is a must.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts

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