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Receive a postcard of specially commissioned art work or the front covers of Khidr Collective Zine issues 1, 2 or 3.  

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About Khidr Collective

Khidr Collective is made up of an unpaid team of artists, writers, and editors.  We're a small team who are either in full-time work or study.  Since we launched our very first Khidr Collective Zine in July 2017, we've produced 3 issues, published over 100 Muslim artists & been stocked everywhere from the Netherlands to Malaysia.  All the artists published, commissioned and involved are paid and that's essential to everything we do.  

Beyond the Khidr Collective Zine, we're embarking on a journey to commission more digital work.  We'll be starting to work on a range of multimedia projects from creating animated poems to short films.  Thes films will premiere on our brand new website or at film screenings we'll be organizing in London and across the UK.  We're also building a digital archive so people can access all the work we've published in print online.  

The money you invest in Khidr Collective will go to supporting print costs for the Khidr Collective Zine, paying artists we publish and commission and toward digital and multimedia projects for our new website.  For us to remain sustainable, grow and continue to publish the Khidr Collective Zine as well as all the other projects we're involved in, we need your support.  

'If you're tired of reading the experiences of men and women who look like you and feeling like your shit has been co- opted, assimilated, distorted, pacified, neutralized and told through a gaze that was never ever your own, then you must stop what you are doing and read Khidr. This zine has been made by men and women who look like you and have attempted to re-write the narrative of the city we actually fuckin' live in to include our stories without apology. Khidr is the very best of who we are.'
- Madani Younis, Creative Director of Southbank Centre
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When we reach $750 dollars per month, we'll pay a member of our team to work on actively commissioning and producing more digital content.  
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