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You have come to the right place for 5e Homebrew, traveler. You will get:
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  • My thanks! This patreon community is what keeps me making and updates D&D Homebrew.
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You help guide the future of Kibbles Homebrew. You get:
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The Patreon will serve as a hub for the latest documents, voting polls, and community hub for all KibblesTasty D&D Hombrew. Right now, rewards and details are still being hammered out, so feel free to chime in your two coppers if you have ideas.

Supporting the Patreon is a great way of staying on top of the latest releases, participating in polls, getting your voice heard, and motivating Kibbles to keep releasing content on a timely schedule.

Note! This patreon is entirely built around the idea of people that want a way to support KibblesTasty making and releasing more Homebrew Content, or showing appreciation via their gold pieces. Almost everything released by KibblesTasty will be free somewhere (usually Reddit - /u/KibblesTasty). If you're short on gp or just looking for more content, feel free to peruse and use the content for free without guilt.

What's in the Queue? (Updated December 2nd)
  • Artificer 2.0.2
  • Cursesmith
  • Bard subclass
  • Psion Discipline
  • Crafting
  • Adventure
  • Fleshsmith thesis
  • Art updates
  • Expended Toolbox update
  • Book of Feats
  • Lineage Levels, Subclass Updates
Credits: All Patreon Specific Art (Banners, Profile Icons, any Rewards, Promos or Incentives) is done or commissioned by KibblesTasty. Art used in Homebrew documents is not done by me and is either commissioned by me, or used under free usage licence from it's source as credited.
All content made by KibblesTasty is unofficial fan content.
150 - reached! patrons
You've decided; the next goal is a Wisdom full caster - the class will contain much needed things like Witches, Shamans, and more, and will bring with it a whole host of unpleasant new spells! Rain of Spiders was only the beginning of this dark path...
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