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You have access to the printer friendly .pdfs for all Kibble's Homebrew content (any request printer friendly pdf will be uploaded within ~1 day).

Starting March 2019, this will include access to a unified Compendium of all my published player options in one document that is updated at the start of each month with the newest versions of any options.

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You have access to the content, but more importantly, you get to help shape it with access to vote in the "What should we work on next?" and "What should we do with X" polls.

You will be alerted via Patreon posts for any content previews of upcoming releases.

Ideas you submit for consideration are shamelessly weighted higher than the general poll of ideas.

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About KibblesTasty

The Patreon will serve as a hub for the latest documents, voting polls, and community hub for all KibblesTasty D&D Hombrew. Right now, rewards and details are still being hammered out, so feel free to chime in your two coppers if you have ideas.

Supporting the Patreon is a great way of staying on top of the latest releases, participating in polls, getting your voice heard, and motivating Kibbles to keep releasing content on a timely schedule.

Note! This patreon is entirely built around the idea of people that want a way to support KibblesTasty making and releasing more Homebrew Content, or showing appreciation via their gold pieces. Almost everything released by KibblesTasty will be free somewhere (usually Reddit - /u/KibblesTasty). If you're short on gp or just looking for more content, feel free to peruse and use the content for free without guilt.

The Kibbles Collection:

  • Barbarian - Path of the Bladestorm v1.2 (GMBinder)
  • Barbarian - Path of the Dragon Barbarian v1.1 (GMBinder)
  • Cleric - Judgement Domain v1.1 (GMBinder)
  • Druid - Circle of the Woad v1.1 (GMBinder).
  • Druid - Circle of the Spirits v1.0 (GMBinder)
  • Fighter - Psychic Warrior v1.0 (GMBinder)
  • Monk - Way of the Outcast v1.1 (GMBinder)
  • Monk - Way of the Soulblade v1.1 (GMBinder)
  • Paladin - Oath of Sanity v1.0 (GMBinder).
  • Rogue - Purifier Archetype v1.1 (GMBinder)
  • Rogue - Surgeon Archetype v1.0 GMBinder)
  • Sorcerer - Aether Heart Origin v1.0 (GMBinder)
  • Warlock - Knowledge Keeper Patron v1.0 (GMBinder)
  • Wizard - School of Innovation v1.1 (GMBinder)
Revised Content:
  • Fighter - Revised Cavalier Archetype(GMBinder)
  • Ranger - Revised Beastmaster Conclave v1.1.1 (GMBinder)
DM Mechanics:

Things I Don't Admit to Making (Silly/Memes):

If you want a PDF for something that doesn't have a PDF yet, just let me know and I'll add it wthin a day or so.

What's in the Queue? (Not Necessarily In Order)
  • Expanded Toolbox 2.0
  • Warlord copyediting pass.
  • Psionic Subclasses for Warlord, Bard, Rogue and more.
  • Crafting System
  • Racial Classes (Play as Dragon, Vampire, and more; special "prestige" classes)
  • A list of spells for hitting things with (Gish spells, I guess).
  • Ancient Arcana spells (gravity space and time!)
  • School of Ancient Arcana
  • Magical Warlord Subclass
  • Oath of the Arcane (Potential Arcane Paladin, TBD).
  • Revised Arcane Archer.
Credits: All Patreon Specific Art (Banners, Profile Icons, any Rewards, Promos or Incentives) is done by me (to explain the dubious quality of that art). Art used in Homebrew documents is not done by me, and is credited to the source in the respective document., and is usually pulled from D&D, Pathfinder, or Magic the Gathering.
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