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per Creation of YouTube videos.
I'll give you a shoutout on my YouTube channel! Probably on my latest video.
per Creation of YouTube videos.
A video based on your proposal!

I'll make a video based on a subject matter of idea you propose to me. Notes:
1) My channel is mostly a retrogaming channel, with a focus on research and information. Keep this in mind.
2) My videos will probably still have my own opinions, jokes, and personality quirks. Also, don't expect a high-budget.
3) You may not use this option for reasons related to personal/internet-community drama, trolling of others, or trying to pry into personal life details I would not mention in my YouTube otherwise.
per Creation of YouTube videos.
Anyone who sends this much will get first dibs if I obtain a rare, undumped Satellaview ROM.




per Creation of YouTube videos.


Your pledges will give support to my YouTube channel, and give you some degree of say in regard to what content I may add to it!

Your pledges may also help purchase 8M Packs for Satellaview ROM dumps as well as other Satellaview-related media.

If I get a particularly generous amount of donations I will also contribute towards:
1) Sega Pico ROM dumps
2) Prototype ROM dumps
3) Obtaining weird stuff to upload to YouTube
4) Giving me some free time/time to work on other projects.

I will work on my YouTube at least once a day like I always have, but pledges may influence what content is uploaded to them.
$5 of $5 per Creation of YouTube videos.
As long as I get money from it, I'll continue working on my YouTube.
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