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Satellaview rocks!

Give $
per Creation of YouTube videos.
per Creation of YouTube videos.
Milestone Goals
Continued YouTube Support.
$5 per Creation of YouTube videos.
As long as I get money from it, I'll continue working on my YouTube.
A video based on your proposal!
$10 per Creation of YouTube videos.
I'll make a video based on a subject matter of idea you propose to me. Notes:
1) My channel is mostly a retrogaming channel, with a focus on research and information. Keep this in mind.
2) My videos will probably still have my own opinions, jokes, and personality quirks. Also, don't expect a high-budget.
3) You may not use this option for reasons related to personal/internet-community drama, trolling of others, or trying to pry into personal life details I would not mention in my YouTube otherwise.
Purchase me a Sega Pico import to play on Youtube!
$60 per Creation of YouTube videos.
Note that if you use this one, and have a specific game in mind, please let me know.
If you can find a game for a cheaper price, please let me know if you want to donate it to me without needing to pay this tag.
Satellaview 8M Pack gambling.
$100 per Creation of YouTube videos.
8M packs are a bit of a risk - they may have date worth ROM dumping, or they may not -  so every one may count. Or not count. But hopefully the former.
Start work on recording Beena games.
$200 per Creation of YouTube videos.
The Sega Pico's successor, the Beena, doesn't have much documentation or ROM dumps yet, but that can change! If I can purchase a Beena console I'll have even more access to Precures and Pokemons!
Get myself actuallyup to date on modern console gaming.
$500 per Creation of YouTube videos.
Hah, like that'll ever happen...
Get a picture of a FDS, a Satellaview, and a 64DD all together.
$800 per Creation of YouTube videos.
I got the FDS and the Satellaview already.... just need the 64DD, and the add-on Triforce will be set!
$1,500 per Creation of YouTube videos.
Maybe I should, like, get a nice camera to record my face, and a new microphone! A camera and a mic that DID NOT come from a local flea market or my uncle's trash dump!
Let me have a bit of a life outside all this stuff.
$150,000 per Creation of YouTube videos.
You'll probably never want to reach this one. But I'd be pretty happy if you guys tried.


That guy with the Satellaview stuff. And the Sega Pico stuff. Mainly Youtube-ing lately.


Pennsylvania, USA

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Your pledges will give support to my YouTube channel, and give you some degree of say in regard to what content I may add to it!

Your pledges may also help purchase 8M Packs for Satellaview ROM dumps as well as other Satellaview-related media.

If I get a particularly generous amount of donations I will also contribute towards:
1) Sega Pico ROM dumps
2) Prototype ROM dumps
3) Obtaining weird stuff to upload to YouTube
4) Giving me some free time/time to work on other projects.

I will work on my YouTube at least once a day like I always have, but pledges may influence what content is uploaded to them.
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