Kim Carr is creating photography documenting small farms and the animals they raise

The Piggly Wiggly Club - Minus the Grit and Grime

$1 /mo
SQUEAL WITH DELIGHT....Thank you so much for being a part of my journey to capture fun, up close and personal images of farm animals and rural life.  

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The Early Bird Catches the Worm - Sneak Peek At New Work

$5 /mo
COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO....See my latest work before anyone else.  This also gives you the opportunity to purchase work before other fans....especially beneficial for numbered and limite...

The Cat's Meow - Discounts on Artwork

$10 /mo
PURRFECT....Get all the cards, prints, or wall art you've ever wanted at 15% off AND High-res Wallpaper uploaded every month.  

You'll get everything to crow about f...


The Wacky Wooly Wanders' Club - Behind the Scenes

$20 /mo
WHOA WALLY....Want a special behind-the-scenes look at where I shoot? I'll share video of the farms and critters I photograph.  Get a feel for the landscape and surrounding setting...

I've Got This Licked - Grow Your Art Collection

$50 /mo
MOOOOVE ON OVER....A signed and matted open edition 8x10 of your choice is on it's way! Start your collection or add to it. This is the way to grow your Kim Carr Photography collec...

Here We Goat Again - More Rewards!

$100 /mo
RAMS TO YOU...My inspiration to photograph farm animals started in my very own backyard with my own critters such as Buford.  You are awesome and I want to credit you in my book, p...

Donkeys & Mules Rule Club - Artist Signed Canvas

$500 /mo
HEE HAW.....YOU RULE!  As a SUPER FAN of my photography, it's only right that you have your very own "Sophia Smiling" canvas. She has brought me so much luck and happiness; you des...