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Since the election of Donald Trump, I began blogging on Patheos, "Freethinking Fundamentalism with Kimberly Stover." I have recently left Patheos and now blog at

I was a fundamentalist Baptist for almost 30 years and a pastor's granddaughter. I left the religion almost 8 years ago due to life circumstances and truth-seeking leading me out.  Since walking away, I have been obsessed with my recovery, obsessed with other's recovery, exposing toxic theology, and helping others find hope after leaving the church.

I believe my work to be important given the fact that 81% of evangelicals voted for Donald Trump and 75% if evangelicals still support him.  The evangelical/fundamental Christianity system is broken and based on religious law and elitism and a breakdown is necessary if we are ever to give rise to the collective body of grace, love, healing, and thriving. I emphasize wholeness over holiness.

My work includes essays and commentary regarding the following:
  • my personal journey growing up as a rebellious pastor's granddaughter
  • deconstructing religious belief and dogma
  • finding hope after leaving
  • tools of recovery
  • exposing toxic theology such as; sexism in the church, demonizing LGBTQ, nationalism, inerrancy of the Bible, purity culture, literalism, legalism, rapture, creationism, hell, and elitism
  • parenting outside of evangelicalism/fundamentalism
  • flipping tables of the religious right and exposing their manipulation of Christianity
  • minimalism
  • narcissistic abuse recovery
  • growing up a Q (Questioning) on the LGBTQ spectrum in a fundamentalist Christian home.
  • using your wallet wisely, patronizing worthy businesses
  • Religious Trauma Syndrome
  • whistle-blowing about the culture war I was raised to fight that is currently the rising theocracy taking place in America
  • the evangelical alliance with Donald Trump and NRA
  • rebuilding the church using the gospels as our guide, i.e.-love your neighbor
  • bringing forth a message of hope for humanity
  • action steps we can take to contribute to peace
  • losing my religion spotify playlist helping with loss of any kind.
If you find value in my work, I would love for you to join me in this endeavor. Together we can help breakdown the toxicity and work toward healing.
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When I reach $500 a month I will be able to commit to 2 posts a week, and begin classes on coaching, creating webinars, and online courses in order to create the rehab.
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