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is creating Quarterly Print Magazine about Kinbaku Japanese Rope Bondage

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Hello and welcome to the Berlin Kinbaku Society Patreon Page!

The Berlin Kinbaku Society is a forum for a group of enthusiastic and creative people in and around Berlin interested in the study Kinbaku and the sublime beauty of eroticism connected to it.

As a group of rope fans from all corners of the globe, we have found each other in the Berlin rope scene and are interested in exploring the historical and contemporary Japanese concepts of beauty and how to translate them into European culture to create an original expression of Kinbaku, respecting its Japanese origin but not appropriating it.

We came together with a longing for real, tangible, in-person collaboration and exploration of Japanese rope bondage, and what it means to us, and are excited to share the results of our inquiries with you!

These results will be presented in a quarterly print magazine with limited edition printing, in the form of poetry, novel, reportage, documentary, drawings, photos, and images.

This endeavor is not for profit, but a project done out of love or, "Liebe zur Sache", with no commercial intent.

Because of this we are asking for donations and gifts to cover the cost of the limited edition printing (100 copies only!).

If you would like to receive your very own issue of this unique, creative, and totally original print magazine — the result of our creative research — then please contact us via the website. 

Everyone who is contributing to the mission and open to research the beauty of Kinbaku is welcome to join us for our future issues.

First Edition December 15th 2019

Preview of some of the articles and essays in the first issue....

  • Suffering in Russian Culture - essay
  • In Praise of the Shadow
  • Two Sides of the Moon - Photo and Art
  • Rope Session and Spontaneous Poetry - Photos and Poem

Upcoming Issues: March 2020, June 2020...

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