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The Stone Guardians Sketchbook Pages
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Stone Guardian Sketchbook content released every month:

  • Exclusive Early Access to The Stone Guardian Sketchbook.
  • Patron only access to production notes, character concept notes and high res details.
  • All Patrons also receive behind the scenes looks into my studio and creative process!
Artist Trading Card & Sticker Mail-out
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I will send you creative mail! 

  • Each month I will mail you a new high quality Artist Trading Card.
  • A small selection of several Stickers
  • You also receive the $1 Tier rewards.
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Receive Creative Mail!

  • I will send you one of my art postcards Prints every month with a hand written greeting and maybe a doodle just for you!  
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About Kindrie Grove

Thank you for visiting my Patreon Page.

Follow the Adventure of The Stone Guardians Fantasy Book Series through my Stone Guardians Sketchbook!

I am currently writing a fantasy book series. Book One: The Messenger From Myris Dar has been published and is available on Amazon. I am now 2/3 of the way through the second book in the series, titled Remembering

Each month, for my fans and patrons, I release one page from The Stone Guardians Sketchbook. It is available first exclusively on Patreon. 

You can follow the adventure while you wait for the next book to be finished, enjoying the world of Eryos with detailed drawings and sketches of characters and places. I will keep you posted along the way with news and updates about the writing process of the second and third books. 

I will even share excerpts for the next book. 

Theses are things that no one else sees!

My Patreon page also offers secure layaway plans for my original art, behind the scenes looks into my studio, mail-out rewards of Postcard Prints and Artist Trading Card goodies! 

Here is the breakdown:

$1 The Stone Guardians Sketchbook Rewards Tier: One new page released each month!
  • Exclusive Early Access for new pages from The Stone Guardians Sketchbook. 
  • Patron exclusive views of high res details.
  • Patron exclusive access to art production notes and author notes.
  • Excerpts from the books... Even unpublished ones!
  • All Patrons receive occasional bonus behind the scenes looks into my Studio and creative process.

$6 The Stone Guardians Sketchbook Postcard Print Reward Tier:
 You get to see the digital version on Patreon as well as receive the high quality printed, signed Artist postcard print for each page! 
  • I will snail mail you your signed and personalized Stone Guardians Sketchbook Postcard print. (in an envelope to avoid damage)
  • You also receive the $1 Tier rewards.

$5 Art Trading Card Reward Tier:
 You receive a high quality Artist Trading Card and sticker in the mail!
  • I will snail mail you a new Artist Trading Card along with a sticker each month, featuring my sketches, paintings and sculptures of wildlife and horse subjects.
  • You also receive the $1 Tier rewards.

 Monthly Postcard  Print Mail Out Tier: 
  • I will snail mail you one of my art postcards prints with a hand written, personalized greeting! (in an envelope to avoid damage)
  • You also receive the $1 Tier rewards.

$25 Send Me it all! Full Snail Mail Reward Tier: 
Monthly Artist Trading Card with stickers; The Stone Guardians Sketchbook Postcard Print; Art Postcard Print, Plus a small Bonus Original Sketch!  
  • Each month you receive one of my Artist Trading Cards and sticker selection. 
  • A signed, Stone Guardians Sketchbook Postcard Print for the previous month.
  • An Art Postcard Print mailed to you with a hand written greeting.
  • Plus a little signed, original sketch from me! I take requests.  
  • You also receive the $1 Digital Stone Guardians Sketchbook and behind the scenes Reward.

$35 to $1,000 Layaway Tiers
: Collect my original art with affordable monthly instalments.
  • You choose what works for your budget. 
  • You will receive a Layaway Package with an photograph of your chosen artwork(s) and a timeline for your layaway. 
  • $250 and up Tiers also receive a monthly coupon for my Etsy Shop.
  • Please note: all tiers are listed in US funds.

The Stone Guardians Sketchbook Pages

Released first exclusively for my Patreon fans and collectors! The pages feature images and studies for the characters and world creation of The Stone Guardian Books as well as concepts for larger Legend Art Collection works. Much of this content, I only release here on Patreon! Some day in the future they will become part of a larger book project on the Legend Art Collection, but you get to see them first.

Book One of The Stone Guardian Series...
The Messenger from Myris Dar
Classic high fantasy with strong characters, magic and strange lands filled with adventure.

Download the first book now through Amazon Kindle to enjoy the adventure now.
Buy The Messenger from Myris Dar

Book Two of The Stone Guardian Series...

I am currently writing Book Two of The Stone Guardian: Remembering.

How The Stone Guardian World Began...

Read my Patreon Post to find out how the project began.

The Legend Art Collection

Visit the Legend Art Collection ­– works of art that explore the archetypal essence of my books as well as other mythologies.

Your subscriptions help to support this work – allowing me to bring it into the world. I very much appreciate your interest and enjoyment in what I create and I look forward to sharing the process with you.
It is my hope that you enjoy the characters and story as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

VisitThe Stone Guardian Books and Legend Art Collection official website to see more.

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,
Kindrie Grove

The Layaway Tiers:

Collecting and owning original art doesn't have to break your budget. Experience the excitement of supporting and following the art making process knowing that you are putting every penny toward owning your own original painting, drawing or sculpture!

You can become a collector of my original art with my secure Patreon Layaway for as little as $35 per month! Your patronage goes directly towards the purchase of your chosen piece

...AND you get behind the scenes exclusive access to me and my studio while you do it!

Here is how my Patreon Layaway works...

  • Discover the art you love on my official website. All of my bronze sculpture is eligible for layaway. Paintings and drawings not represented by my galleries are also eligible.
  • Choose the painting, drawing or sculpture you would like to purchase with my Patreon Layaway. Please make note of the title and subject.
  • Come back here to my Patreon page.
  • Choose the Patreon Layaway Tier for what you would like to pay each month toward your purchase. (Column to the right.) Please note: Pledge Tiers are listed in US funds.
  • You can switch to a higher Layaway tier at any time to pay your purchase off sooner if you wish!
  • Once you have set up your account and entered your credit card details and shipping address for the Pledge tier you want, please contact me with the title and info of artwork(s) you are purchasing. [email protected]
  • I will mark your chosen artwork(s) as sold pending Layaway and a package will be sent to you with a print of your artwork and a timeline for your Layaway. 
  • In the mean time you will receive the Patron Behind the Scenes Rewards for $1Tier, all the while knowing that 100% of your payment is going toward the purchase of your own painting, drawing or sculpture.

Most of my work is eligible for Layaway. Send me a message about the piece you would like to purchase. [email protected]

Frequently asked Layaway questions...

  • Can my Layaway be for more than one painting, sculpture or drawing at a time? Absolutely, you can select a pledge amount that gets divided between two or three works.
  • Can I stop my pledge if I need to? Yes, your pledge can be postponed for up to three months and then resumed without any penalty. If you choose to discontinue and have pledged enough to purchase a smaller work, a substitution can be accommodated provided a smaller work is available. Just send me a message and we can work out the details. No refunds are available for Layaways canceled.
  • How does my artwork get shipped to me? At the end of your Layaway timeline, you will be contacted to confirm and pay for shipping to your location. You can also pick up your artwork at my studio to save the shipping and handling cost. The layaway price you see on my website does not include the shipping. My Studio is located in Canada and is not responsible for any import duty or fees you may have to pay upon receiving your shipment.
  • What happens once I have chosen a Layaway? You will receive a Layaway Package with a small print which features an image of your selected artwork(s) and a timeline for your Layaway pledges. You will also receive the Behind the Scenes posts of new works and the Stone Guardian Sketchbook Pages, which are available exclusively to my Patrons.
  • Where do I find out what artwork is eligible for Layaway? Just visit my official art website to see everything that is available. Please note artwork represented by my galleries is not eligible for Patreon layaway. The galleries that represent my work are usually happy to offer a layaway option if there is a piece you really like.
  • Please note that all of the Pledge Tiers are in US funds.

That's it! To get started, visit my official

  Fine Art Website      

Stone Guardians Website

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$158 of $200 per month
This helps me purchase supplies to create the works you are enjoying as my Patreon patron. Thank you!
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