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The starting tier for supporting me on Patreon! You gain access to the suggestion box and the Discord where freebies and other sweet rewards are given out sporadically!

You gain my endless thanks and an easy way to support me, Thank you!

Suggestion Box: Submit ideas for what you want me to sketch next! This can include; Pinups, Porn, Speedpaints, Walkthroughs, Anything you want! 


  • Suggestion Box!
  • Access to the Discord!
  • A Heartfelt Thank You!
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The next level in Tiered support! This tier offers a commission discount of 10% to all pledged to this tier, your name at the end of speedpaints, as well as opening up The Exchange!

The Exchange: A system where you can exchange Bones (points) that you gather during your time pledged  to me and redeem them for commissions! The longer you stay pledged, the more rewards you can unlock and redeem! Please check with me when redeeming Bones to prevent flooding! 


  • 10% Discount on Commission Prices
  • Name Included in All SpeedPaint Credits
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The Wishing Well: A system where you are given secret access to a special well. What you may pull out of the well is a surprise...


  • +1 Additional Bone per Month
  • Access to The Wishing Well ( MUST USE DISCORD FOR THIS! )
  • All Previous Rewards!
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Who are you?
I am KingMiyo! I'm just a smol doge trying my best to get by and support my family and friends. I've been a digital artist since 2009 and haven't stopped--Thankfully I've also improved since then. Drawing is my passion even if I'm not the greatest at it--So thank you for coming out to check out my Patreon when you could totally be doing literally anything else. It means a lot, my dudes!

What am I getting?
Every month, you will be getting a Hi-Res Monthly pack of all of the art I've done for that month! This includes all NSFW pieces! Sometimes the amount of content varies per month, but I'm hoping that with less reliance on commissions I'll be able to draw more personal pieces like comics and such! Depending on what tier you pledge to you'll also receive a ticket for suggestions when I do a pin up, commission discounts, your name in speed paints and bones to redeem for commissions!

I don't have the money to support you monthly. How do I give you a 1-Time Donation?
I suggest you use the following website: [  Give Me a! ]



30 of 50 patrons
Current Goal:
I'm looking to reach a goal of 50 patrons to get my foot in the door! I realize that this is a genuinely low goal, but I'm fine with that. Anything pledged to me is a gift and I'm infinitely grateful for it. Reaching this goal will really boost my confidence, so if at all possible I'd love to see this happen!

Thank you so much for looking!
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