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Hi, my name is Marcel, also known as KingOfDog online! On my YouTube channel(s), I'm making videos about several different topics, including programming, designing, politics, history, mathematics, physics, media, geographics, and many more.

If you're curious about my kind of weird name, here's the answer to that: I'm a big fan of dogs - they're cute and very loyal to humans. Not for nothing, they're called the best friend of the human. Also, they've got all good characteristics of humans, but don't have the bad ones. That's the reason why I've chosen to take a name which represents my love to dogs.

Meanwhile, my main YouTube channel exists since 2013 and the content there changed a lot. Everything started with gaming videos, especially Minecraft. However, in the recent two years, I recognized that I'd rather make videos about topics which are interesting for me and my viewers. So, I started to make videos about programming languages and programming in general. That resulted in more videos which were also about other topics like the ones I mentioned above. Besides these explanation videos, I'm planning to start a new tutorial series about HTML and CSS, later also JavaScript and in the end PHP and frameworks like Bootstrap or Codeigniter.

In all that time I've made videos on YouTube I taught myself how to cut, how to animate and how to design. This knowledge I try to put into videos about designing, which you can find on my second channel ZeybeFX.

Later I discovered that I'd like to make music, so I experimented with a program called FL Studio and uploaded the results of my experiments to my third, brand new channel ZeybeOfficial.

Because I wanted to reach more viewers with the content of my main channel I started another channel called KingOfDog International. There I'm planning to upload my German videos, but translated into English.

After this introduction of myself, feel free to donate and become a Patreon. That would be a huge support for me because the earnings of my videos are very low and it's a negative business for me (I have to spend more than I earn). With your support, I could buy new equipment and software to improve my videos more and more (and food).
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