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About KinkGamesInc

Hi there! We're KinkGamesInc,, and yeah, you guessed it, we're making kinky games!

We're a team of veteran Lovers Lab Modders (ZaZ and Hugh Reckum) who are making games from the ground up. We have a lot of ideas and are both hard workers and prolific content creators. Years of creating mods have helped us to hone and develop skill-sets that translate very well into making full games. We feel that this is an opportunity for us to take the content that we create to new heights!

We currently have 3 playable games:
Sadistica's Revenge v1.02 released 07/01/2019.
Galactic Slut Hunters v1.0.2 released 07/29/2019.
War of the Orcs v1.0.1 released 02/08/2020.

In addition, we've created an Advanced Character Customization system with the idea that JSON files created with this will be usable in our other games:
Advanced Character Creation System v.1.0.2 released 08/27/2019.

Currently under development: War of the Orcs
Play as an Orc Commander anti-hero who is intent on starting a war with the humans and capturing their Princess and a She-Elf Warrior and then having Orcish Shamans perform a ritual on them that will turn them into nymphomanics.


Sadistica's Revenge

The protagonist is a no nonsense Succubus who is out to settle the score with those who betrayed her, as well as hunt down some 'interesting' sex artifacts from a long lost civilization along the way. 

The current alpha release of the game features plenty of NSFW content and unique encounters as well as a unique leveling system, stat system, custom made AI, RPG elements with different outcomes based on decisions, unique NPCs and dialogue, custom made spell casting system, combat system, advanced camera system, and more.

Galactic Slut Hunters Synopsis:

This is an additional game that we created that features our character customization system and auto-emotions system. There's also some role-play elements where the Player will be interrogated by horny Aliens with a total of 10 different outcomes depending on answers given.

As we are building more systems, we will continue to publish additional games. The idea is, doing this, we can create systems that we can integrate into the main game, but at the same time, produce additional content and explore other ideas. It's even possible that while doing this, we'll hit on some idea that people really like, in which case, we may end up expanding on it further. 

As we're still in the early stages of developing this content, we're basically fighting to keep the lights on. We'd like to continue to produce games, expand content, and explore ideas, but, it will depend on whether we can get enough support to keep going.

If you like the content that we're releasing, then please consider supporting us so we can keep making more!
Advanced Character Creation System:
  • Around 600 morphs for face, head, body, breasts, butt, emotions, fantasy races, etc.!
  • Randomization options for morphs.
  • Scalers that will increase / decrease currently modified morphs.
  • Individual sliders so each morph can be fine-tuned.
  • Posing Mode with 100+ poses.
  • Dancing Mode with 80+ dances.
  • Music player with 30+ songs.
  • Background system with 60+ backgrounds.
  • 8 hair options
  • 24 high quality Eyebrows (thanks to TrophiHunter)
  • A JSON save/load system (JSON files can be shared with other players and also makes it possible so characters created with this system can be imported into other games that we make as Player Character(s) or NPCs!)
  • Character clothing system with several customizable outfits (still in alpha).

The current fee structure on Patreon is immediate, just FYI in case we're close to the end of the month and you'd like to avoid getting charged twice.

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First Landmark!
This level of support will tell us that we're on the right track, that people are enjoying our content, and encourage us to create more!
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