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About Kirsten Joy Weiss - The Joy of Shooting

*** The Largest Female Gun Channel In The WORLD! ***

• Overall Purpose:
Sharing the Positive Truth of Guns & Freedom.
Standing tall as a positive example in the face of the negative mainstream media. 
Breaking toxic stereotypes, leading by example. Standing alongside YOU. 

• Purpose of this Patreon:
1. To Be FULLY Community Funded -
(Decentralizing the massive power of Google and other censorship happy platforms)

2. Creating Fortifying, Positive Content & Opportunities -
With your support, we continue to fortify each other. This allows me to create impactful content that encourages you, shares truth, breaks stereotypes, and stands as an undeniable example of the positive reality of shooting & freedom.
This enables us to create opportunities like shooting scholarships & training, especially youth.
(As a Patron, you will have special access to some of the best opportunities & content)

3. A Strong Community Gathering Place -
United we stand.
I am right alongside you.

Ours is an actionable hope, a place of refreshment, trees rooted deep in truth. We can share shooting & freedom together - and we must band together for strength, voice, impact, and encouragement. 
(Check out *some* of the most recent overall goals for this community under "goals"

Welcome, Friend! 

You're probably here because you love shooting, and understand the importance of guns & freedom --- or you just really love Gun Reviews, Shooting Games, and Trick Shots with everything from 22s all the way to Grenade Launchers! ...Yes. You've come to the right place.

As you may know already, I'm an accomplished professional shooter, performance shot, and trick shot artist, with the sole crucial mission of sharing the positive reality of shooting -- and the freedom it protects! 
How? By sharing the fun, challenge, and joy of shooting on my channel and around the world - and inspiring others to do the same. 
Lets share this truth through action, and break stereotypes.

Why? Because logical arguments often fall flat against a wall of emotion (fear). You can't reach people who are scared, with logic alone. You have to *show* them and *share* with them.
You have to reach their hearts before their minds, and they have to experience it. 

So here I am -- and now you're right here alongside me!

I'm thankful for you simply watching, being inspired, and sharing with others.
But like any meaningful mission, funds help fuel it and make it stronger.

Moral of the story: I'm happy to be a part of this meaningful work! But I'm ecstatic that this platform exists, and that generous people like you exist.
Your gifts to me are huge blessings.
                            Your Generosity Will Help This Mission:
                                                 • grow bigger
                                                • reach further
                     • & keep this community growing as the natural,
                          positive force changing hearts and minds
                           for our love of shooting and our freedom.

                         Thank you for being a part of this with me, 
                                                   - Kirsten 

 Exclusive Content Posted for Patrons Only - Stay Tuned Here!
Immerse yourself and learn more: 
Video Episodes at:
Web Home: Http://
Social content & pics:

                                       P.s. A little more insight for those curious 

 The video included above is an interview and trick shooting episode  that  shows a little bit about this mission, my background, and why I'm here with you today. Please enjoy. 

531 of 1,000 patrons
Hit this goal and I'll post more frequent written content to supplement video content.

We'll explore valuable freedom insights, passionate & true history, useful shooting tips, honest gun reviews, and much more.

All content will center around freedom in both 2A and life!
All to fuel you, your life, & our freedoms further.

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