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About Klaziki


Hello, I’m known as Klaziki and I love to create! I make stories, videos, art, and more! I particularly enjoy putting all these things together to create kinetic visual novels (story-focused games without branching paths).

I want to live by creating kinetic visual novels, but my dream goes further than that. I hope that my stories can entertain people and help them relax after a long day of work. I also hope that my stories can reach people’s hearts and let them see perspectives they’ve never seen before. It sounds cheesy, but that’s the difference I want to make in this world! If I can do that, then my life is set. :)


Currently, I am working on World of Phenomena, a kinetic visual novel that will be released in chapters. Those who used to watch my Maplestory animations should be able to recognize it as a remake of my old Maplestory series named Freezing. It features a world of magic, fantasy, and adventure! The first chapter is still under work, but once I have the first chapter released, I should be able to determine a regular release schedule.

When I complete the entire story of World of Phenomena, I will proceed to remake my Maplestory series October Children as a kinetic visual novel too. It will remain as a dark fantasy that takes place in a different dimension, but I might refine some story details.

Other than that, I sometimes make some random videos when I get ideas. :)


As of now, I am only able to offer sneak peeks and some tidbits on my kinetic visual novels. However, when more people follow my works, I'll make more tiers and post more patron exclusive stuff. I can offer more drawings, VN graphics, tutorials, Q&A videos, and extra stories, I might also do exclusive streams and hangouts on Discord. :)

Thanks for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy my creations!
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I'll start posting sketches and offer zips of all my character sprites (when they're done)!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 60 exclusive posts

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