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Become a Knicks Film School student for just $1 per month. If everyone who follows Knicks Film School donates, we can truly change the lives of those in need who live around us.




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Knicks Film School is a community of Knicks fans looking to give back to the city we love. Rather than creating content about the Knicks in exchange for a subscription or fee, Knicks Film School provides all content for free, hoping that fans will pay it forward by giving any money they would have offered to the site to local charities instead.

If every follower of Knicks Film School donates just $1 per month, we can truly impact those in need. Your donation will qualify you for giveaways throughout the year, including Knicks shirts, jerseys, hats, tickets, and more!

100% of the money Knicks Film School receives from your donations will be used to help a local charity or cause.

Become a Knicks Film School student by donating just $1 per month.


January: Helping Women in Need

SOON: The next KFS x Posting & Toasting Viewing Party (Date/Time TBD)

Check back for more details soon...


October: We raised $500 from fans entering a fantasy basketball league. The money will be donated on behalf of the league's winner to the Garden of Dreams at the end of the season.

November: We raised $755 from a Knicks Fan Viewing Party, hosted with Posting & Toasting, Knicks Fan TV, The Knick of Time Show, and It's A Hard Knicks Life. Slattery's Midtown Pub donated 10% of their earnings from the event. We raised additional money by raffling t-shirts, hats, and a Kevin Knox jersey.

November: We raised $4,502 to feed 128 families on Thanksgiving with hand-delivered boxes of turkey, stuffing, gravy, vegetables, juices and dessert.

December: We raised $3,071 to help feed New Yorkers in need. Our goal was to raise $2,500 to feed 328 children for nearly a year, which we surpassed thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We accomplished our goal in partnership with City Harvest, which has helped rescue and deliver over 600 million pounds of food to feed New York City.

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